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Self extinguishing candle 0

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They are all self-extinguishing, as they burn themselves out.

Simply cut enough off the bottom end to give you the burning time you want, affix to plate, and that's it.

On the other hand, the self-distinguishing candle is harder, it must sufficient processing power (equal to that of a squaddie, or perhaps a food processor) to engage in some feat of military valour.

not_morrison_rm, Jun 18 2014

Video of modern Swedish version https://www.youtube...watch?v=von6umef9qk
[not_morrison_rm, Jun 19 2014]

The original version http://4.bp.blogspo...UniqueSnuffers7.jpg
..a little different to how I remembered it.. [not_morrison_rm, Jun 19 2014]


       What if your candle is too thick to cut? Or if it comes in a glass jar? Jeez, it's like you're not even trying.
ytk, Jun 18 2014

       // sufficient processing power (equal to that of a squaddie, or perhaps a food processor //   

       That's a hell of a wide range - some food processors probably have a 16-bit (or better) embedded PIC microcontroller, whereas the average squaddie is at best the equivalent of a couple of 4001's ...   

       //What if your candle is too thick to cut? //   

       Use det cord.   

       // Or if it comes in a glass jar? //   

       Use extra det cord.   

       Versatile stuff, det cord ...   


       <checks in equvalence table>   

       Corporal = 2 off. 4001   

       Lance-Corporal = 1 off. 4001   

       Private = 555
8th of 7, Jun 18 2014

       //the stupidity of most of the other ideas//   

       Just the candle ones, or did you mean generally?
ytk, Jun 19 2014

       [ytk], you made me laugh. That is good. I love to laugh. I still wish we could vote on annotations. Some of them make my day. //It's like you're not even trying// Hahaha!
blissmiss, Jun 19 2014

       In fact, this candling stuff is all baked anyway, remember seeing something like a candle-snuffer with a hinge and a pin, the pin went into the side of the candle, and when the wax around it melted is really the snuffer.   

       Links are modern Swedish version and old-style version   

       Oddly enough when I try to find some video of the device, and type in "snuffer film" I get something a little different...
not_morrison_rm, Jun 19 2014

       Listen mate, I already linked to that on the first one (chronologically) - you posted your own candle extinguisher without even reading the others? The shame...   

       Here's an idea. Seal every door and window so your room is completely airtight, and carefully limit the amount of oxygen inside. You now have a candle that automatically extinguishes when you fall asleep.
mitxela, Jun 19 2014

       That's WKTE in Japan except it's one of those disposable barbecue thingies....
not_morrison_rm, Jun 19 2014


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