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Self-flushing Picture Frame

Not THAT kind of flushing
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When you hang a picture using the standard “wire-attached-to-the-frame” mount, it tends to lean forward so there's a gap between the top edge and the wall. If the wire were attached to the frame via spring-loaded recoilers, it would pull the wire taut after hanging, making the picture flush with the wall.
ytk, Sep 27 2013

Keyed Wall Bracket http://www.organize...nger-for-canvas.asp
This type of wall bracket also works well at keeping your picture tightly affixed to the wall but is slightly more difficult to install and/or remove than the single nail hanger and wire system. Also takes care of any self-leveling problems when properly installed. [jurist, Sep 29 2013]

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       That is not such a bad idea. The recoilers (and string) could be recessed relative to the back of the picture.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 27 2013

       (+) Some people will certainly like this. Me, my pictures hang forward avoiding most dust. Self leveling would be a plus, though.
cudgel, Sep 27 2013

       Wouldn't the spring-loaded recoilers also pull the wire taut BEFORE hanging?
AusCan531, Sep 28 2013

       Presumably, you'd pull out the wire with one hand like a bowstring to get it onto the hook.   

       Attaching the wire near the front of the frame also helps. In fact, even with a retractable wire, you'll need to attach it somewhat forward. Even tensioned wires sag somewhat.
spidermother, Sep 28 2013

       What's wrong with screwing the picture to the wall like they do in pubs?
pocmloc, Sep 28 2013

       Many of us who regularly paint get around the self-flushing issue by using a frame which is more deeply rabbeted on its back side. The deep sides allow it to hang properly on the wall without tilting using standard wire.
jurist, Sep 29 2013

       I don't want to know what sort of sick things you do with those poor little bunnies.
ytk, Sep 29 2013


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