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Self-haircut Caps

Elastic caps with sets of holes for self-haircut.
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During the times of danger to meet people, like pandemics, some may wonder, how do they get a good haircut without visiting a hairdresser.

Here's where the elastic (plastic or gum or other) come in picture: they come in diverse hairdressing styles and patterns, and look like bags with engineering holes made to pull the hair through, delineating the engineering lines for cutting with scissors.

Now, don't have to be hairdresser to get yourself a perfect haircut every time, just pull the hair through those holes, and confidently apply the scissors.

Not sure, if this hasn't been invented yet. Tools like arcs that swivel into position for haircuts exist, but couldn't find something like the caps I've described above.

Inyuki, Nov 30 2020

this is the highlighting cap...Plastic with holes in it https://www.sallybe...Lw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
[xandram, Nov 30 2020]

Cereal Bowl Haircut https://www.istockp...m183360885-15310805
[whatrock, Nov 30 2020]

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       //engineering holes//   

       Can those be found next to the R&D shacks, and around the corner from the maintenance caves?
pertinax, Nov 30 2020

       I can't get this to work the way I'm picturing it. Being elastic, I assume it conforms to the shape of your head like the caps that Olympic swimmers wear but with holes. How would you get the hair through the holes and ensure that it comes through the correct holes?   

       Hopefully I'm just confused since I'd love to have a quick easy way to have a self-haircut.
scad mientist, Nov 30 2020

       The idea could benefit from the inclusion of a van de Graaf generator to cause the hair to go into "dandelion clock" mode.   

       Or possibly a Wimshurst machine...
8th of 7, Nov 30 2020

       //I can't get this to work//   

       Surely it's just as easy as threading a needle by shoving it in the general direction of the thread? Just scale up that process so it can handle a few tens of thousands of threads at a time, and you're there.
pertinax, Nov 30 2020

       The solution is to shave one'self bald and then don the cap. As the hair regrows it will naturally grow through the wee holes ready to be cut as per the idea.
pocmloc, Nov 30 2020

       This will inevitably result in mad hair, and has so many impractical aspects that it's hard to know where to start. This naturally attracts my highest compliments in the form of this complete croissant.
xenzag, Nov 30 2020

       + well yes I love this! Although there are caps with holes in them, they are used for coloring your hair with highlights or low lights! they are made of thin plastic.Maybe something like a hard plastic helmet would be more practical for using more than once.   

       I posted a link of the cap So you can see what it looks like
xandram, Nov 30 2020

       A vast improvement to the age-old cereal bowl haircut (link).
whatrock, Nov 30 2020


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