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Velcro Wig Enabled Carrying Case

The functional hairpiece
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Since it’s usually apparent when a balding person is wearing a hairpiece, why not make it functional? Yes, there are plenty of wigs out there that use Velcro to secure “the rug” to the head by gluing the backside of Velcro to the head. The Velcro on this wig completely covers the outside as well…

Thinking of the time I tried balancing ‘containers’ of water on my head (as is done in parts of Africa)… I was largely unsuccessful. I had to use my hands. I have to use my hands for carrying a briefcase (etc.) around for work and that’s significantly less weight than the water is, but I know I still couldn’t balance the contents in a container on my head. Hence the Velcro Wig Enabled Carrying Case. – Very, very easy balancing.

This custom fit/shaped/colored Velcro wig is guaranteed to look better than all the rest. Complete with the appropriately indented Velcro counterpart carrying case of your choice. Hands free. Talk on your cell phone, use your PDA, whatever…

And being a tall person myself, I’ve taken into consideration the doorway clearance issues. The added height is only that of what you carry around now (but horizontally – not too high).

I’m not losing any hair myself, but what’s wrong with being proactive? I want this to be a cultural norm where I live in case I do someday. And when it is the norm, we’ll see people shaving their heads out of jealousy.

Shz, Jan 12 2003


       And your hat will never blow off.
FarmerJohn, Jan 12 2003

       If it's heavy, and it's on top of your head, it's going to be hard to balance regardless of whatever adhesion you supply. You'll just wind up falling down a lot more.
snarfyguy, Jan 12 2003

       Observe it first hand [snarf]. The people who do this daily (without Velcro) almost never fall down – they rarely trip – they can reach down to pick up their kids and do everything else they need to do, and they do it while walking through much rougher terrain carrying much more weight than I’m suggesting here. This is not for those who have mastered it, or those who can’t balance themselves. It’s a solution for those who have trouble balancing things on their head and it will benefit them greatly by freeing up their hands to do other things.
Shz, Jan 12 2003

       Hope I never lose my hair, but if I do, sign me up. My head is barn-shaped and would be practically useless if I were in Africa. (freudian slip)
RayfordSteele, Jan 12 2003

       Oh yes, Oh yes, Oh YES!   

       If Velcro is too hot, can I just use glue?
FloridaManatee, Jan 13 2003


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