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Self Charging Cattle Prod

I don't mind getting kicked by the cows, but I hate changing the batteries.
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This is a cattle prod which is about two feet long.

It is a hollow cylinder.

Within the cylinder, there is a capacitor that is slightly less in diameter than the inner diameter of the cylinder.

The interior surface of the cylinder and the exterior surface of the capacitor create friction when rubbed together. The material on the interior wall induces a charge on the capacitor when they rub against eachother.

To use the prod, hold it vertically so that the capacitor drops down the cyclinder, then swing it horizontally to accelerate the capacitor towards the other end of the tube.

This should sufficiently charge the capacitor to halfbakery standards. As well as to the standards of the hind steak of a stubborn bovine, to which the capacitor which has two short prongs is pressed.

cuckoointherye, Jan 26 2005

http://www.brera.mi...s/foto/dol-neon.jpg All this talk of the innards of capacitors. [skinflaps, Jan 30 2005]


       Have you seen those torches that are shaken to charge them?
Ling, Jan 30 2005

       Good idea! look into piezio electrics... You could also make a self charging remote controled shock collar for a dog, cow, cat, human that would be charged by the motion of the animal... the remote could be charged the same way... That way you would not have to get so close to the animal. If you get into the shock collar buisness you will have a relatively large market for the product. This idea could be fully baked... ty :)
fity, Jan 30 2005

       yw... its yours for a bun.
cuckoointherye, Jan 30 2005


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