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Self Destructing Calculator

Don't ever divide by zero!
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It looks like a normal calculator...

It even functions like a normal calculator...

Just don't ever divide by zero...

If you do... And god forbid you do...

It will ignite a thermite charge, and self-destruct, (potentially burning down your house, car, or toast)

You have been warned

mofosyne, May 20 2010

Wikipedia: Killer Poke http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Killer_poke
A (sort of) precedent in Commodore's PET machine where if you typed in the wrong command, you'd set up the wiring into a configuration that (supposedly) would fry the machine. [zen_tom, May 24 2010]


       [+] Spreadsheet version would self-corrupt, presumably.
swimswim, May 20 2010

       Adds up, then substracts itself. Excellent. +
xenzag, May 20 2010

       sp: thermite
po, May 20 2010

       //sp: thermite//   

       Indeed - it's a good job this idea isn't about a Self Destructing "Speak and Spell"
Jinbish, May 20 2010


       <side note> Chuck Norris can divide by zero. He did it shortly after he counted to infinity... The third time. <sn/>
MikeD, May 20 2010


       upload that halfbaked idea about that Speak & spell Self destruct idea of yours!   

       That's a pretty cooL idea!
mofosyne, May 20 2010

       Can it be asked to calculate the exact value of Pi ?   

       [+] for unnecessary and pointlessly dangerous use of pyrotechnics in a seemingly innocuous consumer product.
8th of 7, May 20 2010

The Aztec god of mathematics! A very esoteric reference.
swimswim, May 20 2010

       Bah. SP. fixed.   

       Besides, since Pi is nearly infinite, this will simply produce a rundown timer which (depending on the speed of the processor) may still be executing when the Universe ends, or the battery runs down.   

       Probably asking a bit much of a couple of "AAA" cells ...
8th of 7, May 20 2010

       Instead of AAA cells, use a photovoltaic cell, and (for storing that power when there's not enough light) a capacitor. A big capacitor... however many farads we can cram into the calculator casing.
goldbb, May 24 2010

       will this be a graphing calculator? cause I could see getting a lot of people by telling them to graph 1/x
metarinka, May 25 2010

       + This comes just in time to help out with my charge card bills!
xandram, Dec 16 2021


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