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Self changing tattoo

A tattoo that changes its self
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Here’s how it works, you get a special tattoo done in highly concentrated iron based ink. Then when you want to change it, simply take a magnet and move it over the surface of your skin to make the tattoo into what ever you want it to be...
Weasel 16, Apr 22 2007

Therapeutic tattoo Therapeutic_20tattoo
another iron tattoo [bungston, Apr 23 2007]


       Kinda thinking this is wishful thinking. Weasel, as odd as the ideas on this site are, they are at least meant to have an outside chance of working.   

       You're batting 0 for 3 so far, but you seem like a nice kid. I'm thinking you should kick back, read other people's ideas, a lot of other people's ideas, and maybe make some comments on those. Then you'll get a better feel for the place.
DrCurry, Apr 23 2007

       I was hoping this would be some sort of "electronic ink" - microscopic little spheres containing magnets with a white and a black side that you could turn over by bringing a magnet near the tattoo.   

       Upside: Cool new technology.
Downside: Becoming known as "The Human Magnadoodle".
jutta, Apr 23 2007

       Now *that* sounds workable - gwan, post it! But I liked the paper experiment.
DrCurry, Apr 23 2007

       my ideas are not supposed to be serious.
Weasel 16, Apr 23 2007

       We're not attacking you. Many of the ideas on here aren't supposed to be serious, but at least somewhat realistic. With the proper tools and financial capabilities, most of the ideas on HB could work.
Night, Apr 23 2007

       //With the proper tools and financial capabilities, most of the ideas on HB could work.// I resent the implication that any of my ideas could work, or indeed should be made to work.   

       But [Easel] - the point is to be impossible in a detailed and precise manner. [-]
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 23 2007

       This could work. Iron salts like those linked in my idea would not work. But tiny iron particles are magnetic (you would want to use stainless steel). You could move them with a superconducting giant magnet like an MRI. Those things move metal around inside people all the time. Who knew people had so many stainless steel splinters in their eyes?   

       Back to the tattoo bits: it would be hard to move them accurately, and some might come flying out of the skin, so you would want some sort of resistant plastic to catch those before they got going fast once airborne. As they moved under the skin, they would tunnel through other things in their way, and leave bruises and bleeding. You would want to avoid moving them through important internal structures. But hey - if you are a wuss, you should not be getting a self changing tattoo. Maybe a permanent tattoo of Hello Kitty on your forehead.
bungston, Apr 24 2007

       [Thinks of the scene in X-Men II where Magneto gets hold of a guard with an artificially high level of iron in his blood...]
DrCurry, Apr 24 2007

       Well, the title and sub-title imply that the tattoo does all the changing on its own.   

       Then the text say you have to do the work, and makes it sound like child's play.   

       With specially-shaped little magnet-and-ceramic pieces, and an impossibly pointy magnet, you would still have to have a very steady hand and nothing to drink. Plus be able to work on your own backside while in severe pain.   

       This isn't going to work without a lot more method than described here. Keeping the bits at the right depth under the skin is practically impossible. I can imagine little shaped fliers with a magnet in the middle, but that still leaves a lot of problems.   

       Just pull the bits out with a magnet, and have a pro put new ones in at the tattoo shop. [-]
baconbrain, Apr 24 2007


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