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Semi-Permanent Dry erase

Semi-permanent Dry Erase Marker
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Many times I have had to come into my wife's classroom and re-draw her a calendar or outlines for something. She fills them up and if you want to make corrections you have to be very careful with the eraser.

My idea is for a Semi-permanent dry erase marker (did I mention that). It writes on the dry erase board and dries. The regular eraser cannot erase it. Only a solvent, located on the back side of the special marker can erase it's lines. That way, you can go over semi-permanent lines with the eraser and not erase them, only erasing them when you need to with the back side of the pen.

My wife would love this.

twitch, Dec 01 2006

How To Erase Permanent Magic Marker From Your Dry Erase Board http://www.lifehack...se-board-176015.php
This process claims to fill the bill for removable semi-permanency, on whiteboards at least. [jurist, Dec 01 2006]


       a specific solvent built into the back of the pen?
twitch, Dec 01 2006

       Can be vary use full ,but there needs to be more information in your piece.
dev45, Dec 01 2006

       I've done it that way also. It is still a pain. If you want the line thin, you have to cut the tape yourself. This invention is the incorporation of the semi-permanent (not truly like a sharpie), and a solvent on the back end to remove said semi-permanent.
twitch, Dec 01 2006

       A graphic artists' version in a variety of widths, textures, and colors is also available from Chartpak at any good art supply store.
jurist, Dec 02 2006

       It still takes too much time to align tape.. and pinstriping ... isn't that supposed to be a permanent application? I'm looking for something more cost effective and a lot easier to apply than tape. Knowing how much teachers spend in their classroom before and after hours, anything that saves time is good.   

       If I have to remove tape from the board every week, I'd rather not put it there in the first place.
twitch, Dec 03 2006


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