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dry erase ink & syringe

Shoot fresh ink into used markers
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If dry erase ink was available, we could stop throwing markers away and just squirt fresh ink inside. If it works for printer cartridges, why not?
mreoc, Aug 31 2003

MultiChem Ltd. http://www.multiche...st/mainFrameset.htm
Buy dry erase ink in bulk here. The only problem- it's sold in 20 kg plastic jerry cans. [Cedar Park, Oct 04 2004]


       The same could be asked of any pen.
DeathNinja, Aug 31 2003

       These are widely baked. Trouble is nobody bothers.
FloridaManatee, Sep 01 2003

       Dry erase markers were made to be disposable. If they were priced at $30-$60 each like printer cartridges, everyone would want to re-fill them. As it is, at less than a buck a pop, why bother?
Cedar Park, Sep 01 2003


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