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Semi transparent PV window

Wrap advertising only with PV capability
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[Edited see remark below]

PV (Photo Voltaic cell) "dots" on a film to be applied to large windows, will help giant glass buildings to become PV towers.

originally I was not able to find the concept for "wrap advertising" so wrote: "Like the printed windows with dots, ..."

pashute, Feb 03 2011

The Arizona state tree? http://2.bp.blogspo...lo+verde+flower.jpg
[normzone, Feb 03 2011]

Not this idea, but still solar walls http://inhabitat.co...ient-solar-facades/
[pashute, Mar 30 2011]

Like this http://www.trendsno...snake_bus_small.jpg
only with PV instead of color [pashute, Apr 11 2011]


       I think that was my shortest posting ever. I hope it's not baked, or doesnt attract bones like my "Bone Catcher" idea.
pashute, Feb 03 2011

       OK- see if you can see this croissant made of dots! [+]
xandram, Feb 03 2011

       Poly Vinyl? Palos Verdes?
normzone, Feb 03 2011

       3 extra words. Still the shortest.   

       Edited so normal people in normal zones will also understand the idea.
pashute, Feb 04 2011

       "Photovoltaic" is one word, so you've got one more than you need.
Alx_xlA, Feb 04 2011

       Interesting, obvious, even readable!   

       Not certain that normal people hang out here, though...
RayfordSteele, Feb 04 2011

       Strips would be easier than dots - got to get the electricity off the window somehow...
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 04 2011

       The wrapper material used for todays advertisements is a connected sheet with perforated dots punched into it. So there's no need for strips. There is a continuous connection between the area.   

       AlxX - I needed to explain the P and V, so couldn't use the one word.
pashute, Feb 11 2011

       In which case, surely the abbreviation would be "P"?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 31 2011

       Why would you want to do that from a window of a tower? ...oops - not the 'Deliberately'.
pashute, Mar 31 2011

       Hm, the tower design gives me a thought for a variation on this. use the strips as per (neutrino) but imbed them in the glass at about a 60 degree angle from vertical. During the winter they will intercept only a little of the light, letting most of the sun in to warm the building. During the summer, more of the sun will be intercepted by the PV generating more power and lowering the heat load on the building. (ideal angle would depend on lattitude, but there is probably some angle that would be decent everywhere, if not, put them between two panes on a mechanism that can be adjusted once and left alone).
MechE, Mar 31 2011

       Edited. I meant "wrap advertising"
pashute, Apr 11 2011


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