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Send me advertise

The reverse market where you enter the product and they advertise company can send you advertise
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How about a cental place where you put the product and you get the advertisements.

It would not cost much to advertisers, but will be a great boon who are really seeking something good.

The value added service for shopping online and on the local store should also be mentioned.

A website where all these can be done would be cool. Interface via various thing, including mobile phone.., So you say, I like to buy a good Pen and this is my Zip and you can get list of stores to buy that product around your area from advertisers.

It incur me that it takes a while when I really need something good and I don't have time to look for all the ads.

It will make market more competitive and make customer more aware.

Thanks, artist

artist, Sep 22 2003


       At first I thought this would be something like "direct-shopping" or "opt-in". "direct-shopping" is like the Yellow Pages in a phone book, "opt-in" would be useful for causing spammers to spam each other, and make politicians more aware of and afflicted by the spam problem because we could simply opt-in all the politicians to all the spam we get. (although the best solution is to fix our email software, if it was open source) - If you want ads for a certain product at least in the USA you can look in the phone book.
mr2560, Sep 22 2003

       In looking from the phonebook, you miss new advertisements, which are targeted towards specific market.. Also market is very important. Currently advertisers decides the market which may be decided by consumers themselves so we are in target rich environments.
artist, Sep 22 2003

       This is smelling kind of baked, not sure. The real reason I'm here is because I'm sick of that damned Tie Me To A Christian idea.
RoboBust, Sep 23 2003

       If it could be like an online, searchable, global library of adverts; that actually could be interesting for all kinds of reasons.
nichpo, Sep 23 2003


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