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Send this to everyone you know

... dot com. A web site on which to save those touching emails.
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You were going to send me an email that’s been making the rounds, about some kid spending his last pennies on shoes for his dying mother.

Instead, put that cute story on this special depository web site, and just send me the URL. Then I can read it anytime. It’s fast & easy. The site doesn’t “debunk” the junk, it’s just a collection of all the stuff that gets forwarded, without the extra line feeds and “>>” symbols.

If it’s an email about needing “five hundred email addresses”, then there’s a little form where I can type mine, and don't worry, I certainly will. Use the collection site, and I’ll be able to savor that story so much more.

Amos Kito, Dec 10 2002

Alternatively.. http://www.halfbake...rban_20Legend_20Bot
[madradish, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Spinoff sites:
I-thought-you'd-enjoy-this dot com
Have-you-seen-this-yet? dot com
Bill-Gates-wants-to-give-you-money dot com

       The halfbakery format would work well here, maybe without the ability to annotate. I like the thought of being able to (+) the onion and/or comic content of new stories, and then change the vote later to register umbrage at receiving a link in your email for the seventeenth time.
egbert, Dec 10 2002

       Don't forget the Nigerian "419" con emails.
hippo, Dec 10 2002

egbert, Dec 10 2002

       [madradish], I like your idea [link] better than this one. Maybe have a plug-in available for email clients that will do a database check, and flash either "Debunked" or "In Depository" or both, and "Add It" if not in the database. Then the sender can choose whether or not to forward it, as a URL.
Amos Kito, Dec 10 2002

       What a waste of time it is reading forwarded e-mails, so I never read them, I just send them back with a request not to send any more.   

       Dear ScepticAl: No thanks. please don't send any more. I didn't read it and it wasn't funny.   

       Your pal, Gootyam
gootyam, Dec 10 2002

1percent, Dec 10 2002

       echainmail.com ive been wanting something like this for a long time. however, shouldnt it go in with the regular spam directories popping up? its all junk we dont want to read.
ironfroggy, Dec 11 2002


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