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Sensory insoles

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These slip into any shoe and send minor electrical pulses to different nerve endings of the foot to simulate sensations like walking on grass, in cool water, on marble etc. If you have to wear shoes they can at least be multi-functional for extra comfort.
Nelipot, Mar 30 2009


       i guess any surface but 'assortment of needles, at random locations' would be impossibly hard to simulate via peripheral stimulation, but apart from that: Brilliant!
loonquawl, Mar 30 2009

       ...or "my shoe is filling up with blood"
hippo, Mar 30 2009

       wow, shoes that come with your own personal hypnotist with sensations being reinforced by some electrons .
wjt, Apr 01 2009

       Yep, 'infinte progress'.
Nelipot, Apr 01 2009

       You could certainly send differing electric shocks to represent different surfaces. The question would be how easily you could correlate the two *and* how much it would feel like a form of torture rather than a handy, informative platform.
Aristotle, Apr 01 2009


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