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Separate Airline Baby X-Ray Machines

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Instead of putting your baby through the x-ray machine with the rest of your hand luggage, have a separate machine for them that both reduces harmful radiation and stops the child from crying. I suggest a small short burst as they pass thru a colourfully painted cubicle with hanging mobiles and furry walls.
benfrost, Jun 20 2001

For [Pallex]... http://www.halfbake...squalling_20section
...courtesy of [egnor]. [angel, Jun 20 2001]

(?) Do drug dealers use the hollowed-out bodies of dead children to smuggle cocaine into the United States? http://www.snopes2..../drugs/deadbaby.htm
[StarChaser, Jun 20 2001]


       I think this is a fantastic idea, the number of times our 18 month old has crawled back out of the x-ray machine and we've had to strap him to a piece of hand luggage just to get him through...I can tell you this would be a real boon.
Of course, the other option is simply to check them in the hold in their car seat. This way, even if they do cry, you don't hear them!
goff, Jun 20 2001

       Surely you mean:   

       "both INCREASES harmful radiation and stops the child from crying" ?   

       Or maybe just a seperate airline for babies? After 90 mins of `waaaaaaah` (babytalk for `i`m in a plane..i`m in a plane`) you tend to get the idea!
Pallex, Jun 20 2001

       If only terrorists would stop packing explosives in their babies, we wouldn't need this.
beauxeault, Jun 20 2001

       I just send ours Fed-Ex so it arrives around the same time we do.
Reverend D, Jun 20 2001

       There has been a glut of fake animatronic babies smuggling all types of hidden nasties where I fly. It's compulsory.
benfrost, Jun 21 2001

       Shouldn't this idea be posted under "public: evil air travel"?
PotatoStew, Jun 21 2001

egnor, Jun 21 2001

       Just for a second there benfrost, I almost thought you were serious.
goff, Jun 21 2001

       I think this is the funniest thing I have ever read, and [StarChaser], that is the funniest link I have ever seen. Cheers.
AfroAssault, Jun 22 2001

       Pallex: I'm with you, dude. If smoking is considered too anti-social for planes, I say we ban rugrats too. How many times have you prayed for that mewling, puking, noise-machine to just play a little harder with the emergency door handle?
Guy Fox, Jun 22 2001


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