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Sequence Repeator

ipod app might already exist
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sometimes i like to hear the same few seconds from a song over and over again 20 or 30 times and then the rest of the song sounds irritating

would love an app for this that lets you select part of a song and specify how many time you would like to hear it played back over and over

this is how it work everyone Programming (proh-gram-ing)

vfrackis, Aug 27 2009

iSample http://www.apptism.com/apps/isample
iSample - Sampler / Recorder / Looper [tatterdemalion, Aug 28 2009]


       I think they invented this 20 years ago and called it "sampling" - ipods didn't exist then - so instead of allowing someone to do this at home, excerpts from Motown classics were reworked into entirely new records and made available for purchase by anyone who wanted to listen to the same few seconds repeated over and over.
zen_tom, Aug 27 2009

       sampling yes i want that
vfrackis, Aug 27 2009

       Jerry Seinfeld: "You know, Schumann went mad from that."
ldischler, Aug 27 2009

       //would love ... to heard it played back over and over//   

       You may be alone in this.
wagster, Aug 27 2009

       I used to have a CD player that would do this. One time, when my roommate was upstairs with his girlfriend, I set up a short loop from a group called Arrested Development, with the intention that I would leave the house and let the loop continue until he finally came downstairs to make it stop. In the short time I was in the place with that loop playing, it burned a new groove in my brain. 15 years later I still whistle that loop sometimes when it comes forth, unbidden, to loop again.   

       Be careful.
bungston, Aug 28 2009

       most of the reasonable music programs can still do it. Just use a general sampling program and your set. if you really need to just go to the open source community and you will find what you are after.
rosencrux, Aug 28 2009

       I'm with [bungston] on this one. This is dangerous stuff.
normzone, Aug 28 2009

       This could be useful for learning how to play tricky sections of a guitar solo, for example.
tatterdemalion, Aug 28 2009


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