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Sex Bomb

Weapons of Mass Seduction
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Bremelanotide, a drug in Phase III clinical trials in the US, is the world's first actual aphrodesiac -- it does not merely engorge the genitals like regular ED drugs, it directly affects the brain to CREATE sexual desire.

The drug is administered via the vascular system through insufflation (inhaling). The effect is almost immediate and works on both men and women. There have been, as yet, no reported side effects -- aside from the sudden intense desire to copulate.

I propose, as a psychological warfare (peacefare?) / diversionary tactic, an explosive device that delivers a cloud of bremelanotide in aerosol form into crowded areas. If the gas could be delivered surrepetitiously, the effect could be even more dramatic. Confusion, chaos, and concupiscence would immediately ensue. Best of all, no one would ultimately be physically injured, -- just temporarily euphorically incapacitated. It's a weapon of good, you see.

Imagine if someone were to release this drug into the air at your next inner-city riot? The White House? United Nations Building? Forget terrorism and get with care-orism. *groan*

Make love, not war!

nihilo, Jul 13 2006

Love Potion #141 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PT-141
Love your neighbor as yourself. More, when possible. [nihilo, Jul 13 2006]

(?) Test Trials http://www.goregasm...ting_by_a_riverside
This is top secret footage of the effects of the drug being used in Iraq [tatmkr, Jul 14 2006]

The book Jutta recommended. http://www.amazon.c...402/jamesnewtonpers
Stanislav Lem's "The Futurological Congress: From the Memoirs of Ijon Tichy". [James Newton, Jul 17 2006]

Gay bomb http://www.youtube....watch?v=QK1yx8KVh7c
Pentagon's working on it. [nihilo, Jun 15 2007]


       Run, do not walk, to your nearest used book store or online mass-market retailer and get your nose into a copy of Stanislav Lem's "The Futurological Congress: From the Memoirs of Ijon Tichy".
jutta, Jul 13 2006

       From the link, it seems that if the subject could not satisfy his desires, he would get browned off.
It needs a catchy name.
Ling, Jul 13 2006


       If you have heard about it, you can bet your balls that They have already examined the military-industrial applications of the substance. Not being one of the Them, I cannot speak to the results of whatever presumably thoroughgoing research, but I would hazard that They will have at least considered the following:   

       If the substance is to be deployed in a purely military context, where the majority of active players are soldiers – usually male, uniformly trained to kill, generally not the sharpest tools in the shed – it is likely that this Urge to Rut could get the better of the squaddies and may result in localised recreations of the Russians raping their way across Germany at the end of WWII.   

       If the substance is to be deployed in a riot control context, where the majority of active participants are already very angry, hot-headed and quite possibly drunk, it is likely that the Urge to Rut could get the better of the rioters and may result in localised recreations of the Russians raping their way across Germany at the end of WWII.   

       As Bill Clinton never said, "I did not have sex with that woman, I made love to her."
calum, Jul 13 2006

       What Jutta said.   

       P.S. Isn't chemical warfare outlawed under the Geneva Convention? (Not that we adhere to old-fashioned precepts like that any more, of course.)
DrCurry, Jul 13 2006

       It definiatly has been investigated by the Pentagon. The report was made public a year or two ago.   

       Oh, and if you are dropping this over a crowd, be sure to follow the Sex Bomb up with barrage from the Condom Cannon and a flyover from the Slurry Bomber Of Lube.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 13 2006

       Yes, we are living in a Lem Dick universe
theircompetitor, Jul 13 2006

       All right, chums-- I have ordered the recommended novel. It seems rather certain that this particular "medication" will inevitably enter the marketplace, both those white and those in intensifying shades of gray, and I do not doubt that it WILL be eventually used on the unsuspecting, for better or for wetter.
nihilo, Jul 13 2006

       //no one would ultimately be physically injured//   

       Although the crippling psychological trauma inveitably resulting from frantic copulation with complete strangers might pose a larger problem...
Mr Phase, Jul 13 2006

       Never bothered me none.
nihilo, Jul 13 2006

       Is there a way around the outlawing of chemical weapons by suggesting that as opposed to chemicals, they are infact 'composite materials'?
fridge duck, Jul 13 2006

       [fridge duck] I hope not!
kuupuuluu, Jul 13 2006

       this could be bad for women in areas where adultery is a killing offense
pigtails_and_ponies, Jul 13 2006

       No one will be doing any killing if love is in the air.   

       But if killing with love is a crime, I don't want to be innocent.
nihilo, Jul 13 2006

       "If loving you is wrong, I don't want to be right"   

       With apologies to Homer Banks, Carl Hampton and Raymond Jackson.
normzone, Jul 13 2006






       T'was a bit too much, wasn't it?
methinksnot, Jul 13 2006

       So say there is a war in the middle east... and there is a sex bomb dropped on said warring factions...will there not be forthcoming a very LARGE group of children to carry on the fight after the libido has faded?
wittyhoosier, Jul 14 2006

       Hmm, maybe a sex bomb that also renders its victims temporarily sterile. An asexual sex bomb.
nihilo, Jul 14 2006

       After experiencing the massive increase in rape cases whenever an american warship pulls into our "friendly" little harbour, I'd shudder to think how these people would behave if dosed up with some "battle sex" drug and let loose on a civillian population. This is simply the worst idea i've ever heard, who the hell voted for this? //no one would ultimately be physically injured// my ass.
greyfiend, Jul 14 2006

       Why would your ass be hurt by this device? Presumably bremelanotide has no effect on livestock.
methinksnot, Jul 14 2006

       hundreds of horny soldiers sprayed with a sex fiend drug? wouldn't put my ass, arse or any livestock anywhere near 'em.
greyfiend, Jul 14 2006

       Wise words. As Mr Miagi said, the best defence is not to be there
methinksnot, Jul 14 2006

       remember "this is my rifle and this is my gun". Imagine a group of enemy soliders all drugged up attacking you with their pistol in one hand and a rifle in the other
tatmkr, Jul 14 2006

       With both hands full they'll have nothing to grope you with.
nihilo, Jul 14 2006

       //will there not be forthcoming a very LARGE group of children to carry on the fight// Presumably a portion of these children will be genetically half goody and half baddy - this may go some way to calming things down.
fridge duck, Jul 14 2006

       Suggest that to the korean born children of American GIs.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 14 2006

       That is an excellent point. Prozac changes your mood, but it doesn't make you successful, nor does it compel you to make others as cheerful as you are.
nihilo, Jul 14 2006

       //Really wanting (to do) something is one thing, actually doing it is another// Sure but spraying aphrodisiacs around in combat situations where sexual violence is already a big problem is hardly going to help is it? It's certainly not going to decrease the amount of war rape victims. Also, those with the moral scruples to keep their pistols holstered will be running around with big guns and bigger blue balls... hardly a recipe for stable level headedness and calm behaviour.
greyfiend, Jul 14 2006

       /Lots of war orphans will be produced, and much cheating on spouses who are not nearby... /   

       With a very few notible exceptions, I can personally testify that this is exactly the current situation. When I was in the Gulf, or more accuratly, when my ship was on the way to the Gulf, lots of married sailors cheated on thier wives and lots of little blue eyed, brown skinned babies were concieved.   

       Riots and rapings are a bigger danger. Or a Catholic girls school near a monestary.   

       I would also worry about pranksters or chemistry students using it on the local Baptist church. Err.. no, that would actually be sort of funny to hear about.
James Newton, Jul 17 2006

       I reckon this stuff will end up being sprayed around at night clubs. Which is a bit of a disturbing thought.
greyfiend, Jul 17 2006

       Has anyone seen Serenity? This idea just makes me think of the carniverous Reavers who rape their victims to death. Incidentally, they too were created by a Government attempting to calm a nation using drug additives in the air.   

       You get a 100% natural, drug-free and compus mentus BONE from me. Pal.
theleopard, Jun 15 2007

       Riots are mostly male dominated, and I think most people would rather see a riot happen than a huge gay orgy. [-]
quantum_flux, Jun 16 2007

       It would be best used on an all male battlefield. Ha ha ha, killers now you have to be gay.
abadon, Nov 10 2007

       Ummm, I don't get it. How is this going to incapacitate anyone? Nothing's stopping the soldiers from either hiding the arousal or just taking a war wank on the toilet. Actually, I think that's what most sexually-engaged soldiers do to prevent urges from affecting their judgement. (=) for a gaping flaw.
Shadow Phoenix, Nov 10 2007


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