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Sex planes

The Mile High Plane!!
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well, we've all heard of the mile-high club, yes? people who have sex in planes, yes, the things that are big, have wings and are usually above your head (no, not albatrosses). well, why not get a plane JUST for 'members' then? you could make all sorts of arrangements, comfort-wise. It's a bestseller !

P.S. Forgive my use of the wod 'sex'. it may bring discredit to this wonderful site. all sorts of trash will be visiting now. o dear. tough. Just use my other idea, the ComputaKorrecta, and the problem will be solved.

pipp, Apr 19 2001

Mile High Club http://milehighclub.com/flights.html
They list several private aviation companies which offer flights to couples wishing to join the Mile High Club. [egnor, Apr 19 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Are you proposing a mile-high members-only orgy? Or by 'members' do you mean the plane would carry, uh, just the genitalia? Yuck. I think not. If you could arrange sex on a spatial plane existing at right angles to all three regular spatial dimensions--wait, it might be over before you could perceive it...
Dog Ed, Apr 19 2001

       Dog Ed, I think your last comment just opened wide the door for all sorts of male performance bashing on this page.
centauri, Apr 19 2001

       perhaps sex on a woodworker's plane? ow.
globaltourniquet, Apr 19 2001

       I can just imagine the commercials similar to the "we've removed more seats in coach so it's more comfortable".....   

       ...."we've taken out all seats in coach and replaced them with a mattress-covered floor -- only subway-style overhead handles will be available for take-off and landing".....
Wes, Apr 19 2001

       PeterSealy, is there a single documented case of two people having in-flight sex in first- or business-class?
centauri, Apr 19 2001

       Baked, baked, baked. See link.   

       Look, people, it really is impossible to come up with a novel sex gimmick. (And this one isn't even close to novel.) Really, trust me.
egnor, Apr 20 2001

       Thank you, egnor. All your base...
thumbwax, Apr 20 2001


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