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Shape-memory metal knuckles

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Brass knuckles can be a useful tool in a punch-up, to unequalize the odds, but strangely many jurisdictions frown on their owners.

To be found in posession of same may result in awkward questions.

It would therefore be advantageous to have a set of brass knuckles that do not, in fact, actually look like brass knuckles.

Now, BorgCo engeneers have perfected such a device. It's a set of "brass knuckles" manufactured from shape-memory metal alloy with a transitional temperature of 30C. They are supplied as an inoccuous-looking design such as a novelty giant paperclip keyring, but on being warmed against bare skin will revert to a more utilitarian shape.

After use, just pop the item in the reply-paid padded envelope and mail it back to BorgCo. You'll receive a replacement item by return, while we charge your credit card a small amount and autoclave your original unit to destroy any evidence before re-bending* it and sending it out to another customer.

*Attempting to re-bend the metal yourself will invalidate the warranty and the results are very unsatisfactory in the vast majority of cases.

8th of 7, Feb 05 2017

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       //may result in awkward questions   

       I'm more afraid of awkward answers. Or is this starting to sounds like a Smiths record?   

       One minor problem might be the heat range. Anyone taking the novelty giant paperclip keyring to warmer countries, i.e. practically anywhere else on the planet, might get rumbled...but it is a good idea [+].
not_morrison_rm, Feb 06 2017


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