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Spot-weld mace

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As anyone who regularly defends themselves with maces will know, it can be a tiring business. MaxCo. has therefore developed the spot-welding mace to try to alleviate the burden somewhat.

The SWM consists of a battery compartment, a huge bank of capacitors, a voltage step-up circuit and various metal bits that we haven't got names for yet.

Simply slam the business end of the SWM against your opponent's armour, and close your eyes to avoid being dazzled by the flash. When you next open your eyes, your opponent will be encumbered by a 5-foot mace spot-welded to their armour.

The lightweight nature of the SWM means that several can be carried at once, allowing you to convert your opponent into a sort of ambulatory bush, unlikely to pose much of a threat to a nimble foe.

MaxwellBuchanan, May 05 2018


       If you had two Spot-Weld Maces with an electrical cable between the handles, you could hit someone in two places at once, and spot-weld all the intermediate joints in their amour solid.
mitxela, May 05 2018

       That is a very excellent idea, [mixt]. Would you like to join MaxCo.'s Inadvisory Board?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 05 2018

       I think that's because the opposite of spot weld is not pull apart, but destroy with explosions.
pocmloc, May 06 2018

       <manic cackling/>
8th of 7, May 06 2018

       //The lightweight nature of the SWM// makes me wonder whether its target will end up any more encumbered than the man carrying a huge bank of capacitors, etc. How huge should we picture this? Yuge? Bigly yuge?
pertinax, May 06 2018

       Van der Mace
FlyingToaster, May 06 2018


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