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Sheep Tone Phone

phone that uses sheep tones. a.k.a. "ba ba black sheep have you any tones?"
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In the Sheep Tone Phone the usual electronic duo tones assigned to each button have been replaced by the baying of two sheep. All of the DTMF frequencies would remain the same, but would sound like sheep (see link for DTMF details)

Other farm animals are under development - why ? Sheep sound so much nicer than those electronic beeps.

"Why have Beeps when you can have Baaas?"

xenzag, Jan 05 2007

DTMF info http://en.wikipedia...one_multi-frequency
now think SHEEP instead [xenzag, Jan 05 2007]


       Baa, Ram, Ewe...
po, Jan 05 2007

       "Bleat, bleat" someone get that please."Oi've got a sheep in my pocket" +
skinflaps, Jan 05 2007

       it's not so much the ringing sounding like sheep, [skinflaps] as I think you can probably get that already. It's those horrible touch tones you hear, when you press the phone buttons, that need to become sheep like.
xenzag, Jan 05 2007

       Turn 'em off?   

       Hey, every other button could be a farmer rambling words insensately "Get orf of my bleat land bleat"
skinflaps, Jan 05 2007

       All animals were created equal, but some are more equal; thus sheep get first rights to their own special tones.
craigts, Jan 05 2007

       [21] This is for the DTMF tones not ringtones.
craigts, Jan 05 2007


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