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Shift working plumbing/ electrician agency

Get things fixed when it's convenient to you
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You've got a leak in the roof/ all your electrics are blown, but the only time the pumber/ electrician can come out is while you're at work. Either that, or you get an emergency plumber/ electrician that charges an extortionate amounts.

Why not set up a 24-hour agency that has its plumbers/electricians on shifts, so that the charges for non-work hours are not so expensive? With good branding, the agency could become known across the country, and people would turn to it as it's the only one they would know. Come on Branson - you know it makes sense.

mrballs, Aug 19 2004


       I *could* give this a croissant mate but phhhheeeeeeeewww it's going to cost you, and I'll need to go and get some ingredients from the depot first. If you want one I can come back on Monday, or Tuesday, but I can't tell you if it'll be morning or afternoon
dobtabulous, Aug 19 2004

       Anyone working outside of 'normal' hours will be getting an allowance for it. If the company charges on the basis of the time, this allowance will be passed to the out-of-hours customer; if they don't it will be spread among all customers, including the in-hours ones, and will thus be charging more than a normal hours only company.
angel, Aug 19 2004

       D I Y. Learn to do everything yourself. That way you will really justify it when you eventually have to stay in from work to have your diy disaster repaired.
neelandan, Aug 20 2004

       Another issue with working at night is that if the plumber or electrician needs a part to properly install a fixture or to repair the trouble, he isnt going to be able to get it at 2AM. So in order for them to carry everything that they could possibly need for any situation, that tends to add to the cost of the services which in turn is no better than having an emergency repairman come out.
Jscotty, Sep 19 2005

       So many forward slashes I thought you were writing the idea in lyrics.
Eugene, Sep 20 2005


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