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Shirt O' Many Pockets

For Webfishrune's Pocket Problems
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Out of pockets on your cargo pants? Got no more room on your utility belt? Bandoleer weighing you down? Don't go reaching for a bulky backpack; all you need is a Shirt O' Many Pockets.

Both long-sleeve and short sleeve models sport a variety of pockets to store anything from shotgun shells, to pack of smokes, to tackle box. Made of breathable wrinkle-free synthetic fabric these fashionable shirts are reinforced with a neoprene and nylon under-harness for support. Unlike your standard fishing vest with a few pockets, this shirt will impress the ladies with your keen sense of individuality and enormous load capacity.

Now where'd I put that pen? Oh, there it is, in the easy-grab, between-the-shoulder-blades, pen pocket.

fredberg, Jul 27 2006

like this only with more pockets? http://www.bigmen.c...d_body_Warmers.html
gillet [xenzag, Jul 27 2006]

or this with 21 pockets http://porters.com/...2&Category_Code=C2M
photographer's vest [xenzag, Jul 27 2006]

Technology Enabled Clothing http://www.scottevest.com/
[tcarson, Jul 28 2006]


       Aside from the fact that "more pockets" is on the cusp of being a non-invention, this doesn't really address the missing object problem, instead simply replacing the possible search location of "anywhere" with "anywhere in these millions of pockets." The best idea would be for a single, simple bag, into which all carried objects can be placed, giving a single area of search that doesn't require repeated juggling of whatever objects you may be holding at the time of searching. Unfortunately, this solutions is, thanks to still rigidly-defined gender roles, only available to women (who manage to bugger it up by having Too Many Handbags). Until such time as manbags become if not de rigeur then at least socally acceptable, a better idea for avoiding both lost object rage and pocket searching angst would be for a many pocketed garment (possibly a shirt, possibly a, I don't know, a monomakh), each pocket flaggable in some way to show whether, in lost object situations, it has been searched or not, this mechanism to avoid the desperate, infuriating re-searching of pockets you have forgotten rummaging in.   

       But welcome, fredberg, welcome. No, I am not playing cards; those are my hands, which now resemble playing cards as a result of a succession of freak accidents, involving traction engines, drunken tattoo artists and an industrial laminating machine.
calum, Jul 27 2006

       That said, between the shoulder blades is an excellent and probably even proverbial location for a pen pocket, so croissant on that basis.
calum, Jul 27 2006

       mostly baked - sorry [fredberg] I know your idea is slightly different, but only slightly. Welcome to the half bakery - now go away and think of something else. Meanwhile eat this bun for nourishment whilst "impressing the ladies" with your // enormous load capacity// innuendo. +
xenzag, Jul 27 2006

       //That said, between the shoulder blades is an excellent and probably even proverbial location for a pen pocket, so croissant on that basis. // took me sometime to imagine this but yes, the kind of movement that Robin Hood would have made to retrieve an arrow from his whatever it was, is a nice image.
po, Jul 27 2006

       Po, the word you are looking for is quiver.   

       Thanks one and all for the feedback. 21 pockets on a vest is a lot, but there are plenty of room for more pockets on a long-sleeve shirt. You have the whole arm area, not to mention the reachable back locations (including the smallofthe, kidney, shoulderflanks, and the already mentioned 'tweentheblades).   

       Xenzag, inunendo and out the other, much intended. Thanks for noticing.
fredberg, Jul 27 2006

       <whispers> Psss [fredberg], it's po, not Po. You don't want to go there if you know what's good for you. <whispers>
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Jul 27 2006

       Damn. I really have to stop mis-reading these annos; it's giving my psychiatrist nightmares.   

       <misread>//That said, between the shoulder blades is an excellent and probably even proverbial location for a pen knife//</misread>   

       I have a fisherman's vest with at least a dozen separate pockets. I call it my geek vest - it's essential wear for all tech support gigs.
BunsenHoneydew, Jul 27 2006

       phlish, sorry about your reapears - is there a cream or something?
po, Jul 27 2006

       i've been a patron of a company that sells coats with 40 + pockets depending on the style. of course, all of the pockets are linked with channels for sending headphone cabling or camelback hoses through.
tcarson, Jul 28 2006


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