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Removable Armpits

Peel-off under-arm patches
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Why wash your whole shirt just because the armpits got a little sweaty? Now you don't have to! Simply peel of the under-arm patches (they're attached with Velcro) and replace them with clean ones.

Wash the soiled patches in the sink, or wait until you've accumulated enough to do a load in the washing machine.

AO, Jan 30 2008

Kleinert's Dress Shields http://www.kleinert...m-dress-shields.php
Both disposable and non-disposable. [jutta, Jan 30 2008]


       I like it, but the inevitable migration of this feature to other parts of clothing is not something I look forwards to.
normzone, Jan 30 2008

po, Jan 30 2008

       This is called a "dress shield". I vaguely remember that we've discussed this before.
jutta, Jan 30 2008

       I guess it's a little like a "dress shield" except it's not a pad that goes inside you're clothes; it's part of the shirt. When you remove it, there's just a hole under the arm.
AO, Jan 30 2008

       Is the aim for normal people to wear the same shirt two days in a row? Or are there a subtribe of people who change their shirt several times a day due to hypersubbrachialaquasis?   

       Either way, I think you'd want a whole- body thing - maybe a T-shirt?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 30 2008

       Checking the Kleinert's link just expanded my universe a very small amount in a depressing direction. There are people trying to save the last mountain gorillas, people trying to come up with a medication that works for Alzheimers, people who devote their lives to producing the finest wine that terrestrial soil can yield. And then there is an entire industry devoted to absorbing human sweat. I mean, I'm sure it increases the sum total of human happiness and all but...
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 30 2008


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