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A light & sound show!
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(This concept has been evolving in my head for quite a long time...)
Ever since I found out about railguns, I've been pondering modifications.
[Madcat]s Laser Railgun (linky 1) is a neat idea.
So my crazy brain started smashing things together. If we want to fire a pulse (or stream) of plasma, we need to create conditions that plasma likes. I remembered (from my distant past) seeing a graph of the breakdown voltage (linky 2) & how it has a minimum at a low pressure.
So I thought, could a soundwave be used to prouce that lower pressure, but intermittently? But speakers lose pressure quickly with distance (1/r² I think).
Then I found out about directional speakers (linky 3).
So that gives me a highly directional stream of low-pressure air pockets, with the added convenience of high pressure pulses to push things along.
But plasma, being hot, wants to cool down & dissipate. So fire a high-powered laser into the plasma, to keep it happy.
So, we have a directional speaker, with a taser to create plasma discharge a small distance in front (to be in a more "stable" wave, rather than close to the speaker where the waves are interfering), & a laser aimed through the centre of the speaker to (hopefully) be asborbed by the plasma to keep it hot.
I have no idea about what frequency would work best (most LRADs use ultrasonic freq's), whether it would be badly affected by wind (probably...), what type & frequency of laser to use; but if it works... shocking!
neutrinos_shadow, May 03 2022

Laser Railgun Laser_20Railgun
Interesting idea [neutrinos_shadow, May 03 2022]

Break-down voltage https://en.wikipedi...iki/Paschen%27s_law
Electricity in air [neutrinos_shadow, May 03 2022]

LRAD https://genasys.com/lrad-products/
Sound where you want it [neutrinos_shadow, May 03 2022]


       This is where I miss Max. I'd always jump to his annotation to explain stuff like this like "So you're saying XYZ?".   

       So I'll give it my best try to "Max" this.   

       Are you saying create a mechanical wave or air pulse, then supplement it with lasers and plasma and stuff?   

       Sounds explody and dangerous which is great, but bun pending my understanding what's going on.
doctorremulac3, May 03 2022

       I would have linked models & sketches & stuff, but Photobucket decided I was using it to "host" & stopped my account...
neutrinos_shadow, May 03 2022


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