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Shoe vending machine

Vending machine for smart shoes near clubs that don't allow trainers/sneakers.
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The other day I was stopped from going into a (rather naff) club with my drinking companions due to the nature of my footwear. Since it was quite late and it was the only place open I had to sprint home, change shoes and get back. A convient vending machine would have made my life so much easier. It would dispense cheap (I'm thinking £5-£10) shoes, would only have every a limited amount of sizes (say alternate sizes from 7 to 12) as they only have to get you through the door.
dare99, Nov 17 2001

Fruits http://www.amazon.c...102-4622287-1602540
Shoes & vending machines, but not really related to this idea. Strongly implies nightclubs that don't require severe footwear, though. [hello_c, Nov 17 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Give me a size 13 in there and you got yourself a deal.
AfroAssault, Nov 17 2001

       I'm cool with that (fits better with the alternate sizes scheme). I was just thinking about what show shops generaly stock.
dare99, Nov 17 2001

       vending machine selling black paper slip-over-trainers'-cover that looks like a smart shoe (disposable) price say 50p whats that in US 20 cents? who called me a miser?
po, Nov 17 2001

       What footwear were you wearing?
bristolz, Nov 17 2001

       pink satin ballet shoes and tutu
po, Nov 17 2001

       Nah, just trainers. Fairly new ones at that. Just can't find ballet shoes in my size round here
dare99, Nov 17 2001

       bristolz - Most clubs are blatantly discriminant towards footwear so that they can easily let more girls than guys in.
AfroAssault, Nov 17 2001

       [Afro} was that you in the 6" stillettos and feather boa?
po, Nov 17 2001

       Hey, I was feeling pretty that night, okay?
AfroAssault, Nov 17 2001

       [Afro] you are always pretty to me
po, Nov 17 2001

       Sorry {dare99} couldn't help but notice on another annotation that you are a size 14. how would your 'shoe vending machine' help out if it only stocks shoes up to size 12 and maybe one size 13 for AA? and a size 5 for me? Maybe you should expand your range of sizes.? If it only stocked 2 of each size then first come first served. Depending on how desperate you were to enter the night club you might risk slithering around like a clown in size 14's if you were only a 5. I know I would. Or you could combine the idea with shoes to fit all - or whatever it was - then you could just supply one size.
arora, Nov 17 2001

       I was trying to make the idea practical, I am rarely able to find shoes in my size in shops so I didn't think that a vending co. would go as far as doing a 14. I can manage a 12 long enough to get past monkey brained doormen! The one size fits all shoe would be good for it though, perhaps a variation on the slip on shoe with elastic panels near the toes and heels.
dare99, Nov 18 2001

       Just buy the 12's, after so many beers that you would like to go to a night club ( a "naff" one at that) , you probably don't care that you're feet are hurting. Then you can always disgard them, men in bare feet are far more appealing.
arora, Nov 18 2001

       At this time in the morn eighteight's are just fine.?!! :0)
arora, Nov 18 2001

       Hmm, I need to change my appearance fast. Let me chew on a Mentos™ and think about that one. Hey, this candy comes in a foil wrapper!
reensure, Nov 18 2001

       so is this fully baked in japan yet or what? from what i hear, anything that will fit in a vending machine is sold that way there. underwear, beer, etc. i would guess also swimwear, disposable cell phones, toiletries, on and on. i really need to go to japan. everything is freaky and off the hook there.
dj_photon, Nov 18 2001

       Don't think that Japanese vending machines would go up to size 14 though (unless they have a craze of western style clowning!)
dare99, Nov 18 2001

       [dj_photon] - See the book "Fruits"; Amazon link above; comment from review, "the background is often worth a look, either for the vending machines against which a number are shot, or..."
hello_c, Nov 18 2001

       The naff club should provide 'house shoes' for those who want to go in but don't have the right shoes. These 'house shoes' would meet house rules, but it would be obvious that they belonged to the club. Like bowling shoes, only better. Maybe put a flourescent orange stripe on them.   

       Better yet, wrap an electronic display material over the generic shoe underneath. Select the shoe appearance you want from the "Shoe Appearance" menu on your wristwatch/shoe control device, linked by infrared to the chip and battery in your sole.   

       Here are some suggested "Shoe Appearance" options: 1. Dead Clown 2. Paisley 3. Newspaper 4. Endangered Reptilian Species
entremanure, Nov 19 2001

       I once wasn't allowed into this God-awful club in Bournemouth because I was wearing some, actually quite smart, Vans (apparently due to their having laces). The man said I needed slip-on loafers of some kind. So I head my way to a local 24 hour Asda and purchased a pair of faux suede Grandad slippers for a fiver. I was then permitted to stroll, comfortably, into the club and continue my evening. As if slippers are more acceptable than Vans. What a disgrace.   

       Further on't, on more than one occasion I have entered a venue after taking my shoes and socks off and then putting them back on, shoes first. Seems to work.
theleopard, Jun 21 2007

       As a doorman working in clubs and pubs, I have to say We wouldnt let you in wearing paper shoes!bone...
S-note, Jun 21 2007


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