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This game would be for children and possibly teenage girls. it would involve a shopping mall and the player would have to buy the things needed for a special occasion like a birthday or christmas. they only get a certain ammount of money so they have to determine whether or not to buy the cheapest or most expensive objects. resulting in a good outcome or bad outcome. and to earn money they could work in stores in the mall. each job they would have to do things like ordering or waitressing ect. each job would involve an educational skill like math or spelling... the end result would be that the child learns the value of money and develops important educational skills.

what do you think?

mspivey2, Jun 28 2006

Realityworks Consumer Education Software http://www.realityw...d6-0af0b220a34a.cms
The same people who make the popular "RealCare" baby simulators have also adressed this subject. [jutta, Jun 28 2006]


       Straightforward. I like it. Have some bread.
bungston, Jun 28 2006

       I had hoped this was some type of House Of Pancakes, but I guess I'm wrong.
phundug, Jun 28 2006

       Somali House of Pancakes...now with food!
shapu, Jun 28 2006

       umm, spelling would be a good place to start.....   

       sp. amount   

       sp. Christmas (capitalization)
xandram, Jun 28 2006

       damn xandram you're picky! thanks guys for commenting but may i ask shapu, what is Somali House of Pancakes? and phundug why House Of Pancakes? are you guys like obsessed with pancakes?   

       thanks for your comments though! they were...er... enlightening...
mspivey2, Jun 28 2006

       "Shop" has only just been invented?? Then where have I been getting my various manufactured goods from all this time?
Texticle, Jun 29 2006

       Don't kids do this in kindergarten every day?
BunsenHoneydew, Jun 29 2006

       [mspivey2] Please note that *I* am not one of the rather picky ones. There a lot of True pedants on this site, but if you are going to mention *spelling* in an idea, it would be a good idea to check your own spelling. I often make spelling mistakes myself and have to go back and correct them.
xandram, Jun 30 2006

       [mspivey2]: I chose "Somali House of Pancakes" because you had originally capitalized the idea title, and [phundug] made the connection to International House of Pancakes, also called "IHOP." I realized that S was the first letter of Somali, and thus finished out [phundug]'s thought, putting the S in there (so that SHOP would be the Somali House of Pancakes, get it?).   

       And I'm more of a waffle guy, myself.
shapu, Jun 30 2006


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