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Shopping Trolley Mouse

Because sometimes life is too easy.
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Want computer use to be a bit more challenging? With optional dodgy wheel, this device will keep you on your toes. The mental workout provided by inaccurate clicks and infuriating movement will stimulate cognitive development and actually improve your brain.

Also available without buttons - clicks are made by inserting a £1 coin into the locking mechanism (heads = left, tails = right), and a £2 coin for a double click.

sild, Feb 21 2003

(?) Baked http://www.microsof.../mouse/omb_info.asp
Use one of these on a polished wood surface with a lot of grain. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]


       This idea fails in principle, and I seriously doubt it wouldn't fail in practice. Although, rest assured someone will end up giving you a croissant for this.
monkeyseemonkeydo, Feb 21 2003

       //Want computer use to be a bit more challenging?//
Basically, no, I have quite enough challenges in my life just now.
angel, Feb 21 2003

sild, Feb 21 2003

angel, Feb 21 2003

       Paragraph one was comprehensively baked by the mice/mousemat combo used in the UNIX labs at Strathclyde Uni CS department - optical mice and uneven mirrored mousemats. Drove me to Distraction and then beyond, into Swearing.
my face your, Feb 21 2003

       // infuriating movement //   

       Baked every few weeks or so when the crud on my mouse rollers builds up to the point at which it's like mousing over pebble-dash.   

       (Reminder to self: buy an optical mouse...)
JKew, Feb 23 2003

       for more challenging computer use just ditch your mouse and try getting by on keyboard shortcuts.
kyaputen, Apr 18 2004

       [JKew] If you want to remain sane don't buy a Packard Bell wireless optical mouse. I bought one and now have a nervous tick, RSI and flinch whenever I click as the pointer skidaddles around the screen.
k9island, Apr 19 2004


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