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Showerhead Radio

A radio in yo... oh, you know.
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I can twist my showerhead to ajust the type of spray; further left for a gentler spray, and further right for something more invigorating.

The twisting reminds me of an old fasioned radio tuner, so why not add one which co-ordinates with the style of spray.

My gentle shower is accompanied by the Classic FM breakfast show; as I twist round to the more invigorating flow, I automatically retune the radio to Elvis and the Morning Zoo on Z100.

Fishrat, Dec 18 2003

Water powered radio http://www.halfbake...r_20powered_20radio
somewhat related idea by [bryons] [krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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       I think I'd find it rather annoying to shower with "beats" of water.. Although a cold shower listening to dance music with your shower head sure would wake me up in the mornings!
v0rtexx, Dec 18 2003

       Hmm - just to clarify when I say the music would be co-ordinated with the water, I don't mean //beats of water//, I mean a regular shower. When you twist for a gentle shower, you get tuned to a gentle station. Twist the shower for a harder flow, and you simultaniously get retuned to a more upbeat station. You pre-choose the channels.
Fishrat, Dec 18 2003

       Would this block the view of your "showercam"? Adverts for these keep popping up in my browser!
dobtabulous, Dec 18 2003

       perhaps it could be marketed to play songs by the band of your choice... I'm thinking the "Radiohead Showerhead Radio" would be a good seller... or at least sound funny
luecke, Dec 18 2003

       Have the shower head beat to your radio station of choice. Help conserve water, get a massage and rock-out all at the same time.
Letsbuildafort, Dec 18 2003


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