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The Passover Tub

Your Own, Personal Moses
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Enjoy the ultimate biblical experience (well, maybe the penultimate biblical experience) in our new Passover Tub

After entering the empty tub (optional side doors available), lie down at the center, and turn on the jets.

A poweful stream of air (somewhere short of an indoor skydiving setup) keeps you ever so slightly above the bottom of the tub as multiple water outlets provide ample cascading waterfall activity to your two sides, while you stay (mostly) dry.

theircompetitor, May 03 2018

Inspired by this idea Personal_20Vortex_2...You_20can_20Breathe
[theircompetitor, May 03 2018]


       This will go great with my new HeBrew 3000 espresso maker!   

       Is there also something which feeds red food colouring into your plumbing?
hippo, May 04 2018


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