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Shredded truck tire roadkill sculpture

"Did you see that thing?! Pull over! Pull over! No seriously!"
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The linked idea reminds me of an art concept I had for pieces based on found truck tire shreds along highways. Shredded steel belted tires and sunbaked mummified roadkill converge in form. Maybe both could be in the exhibit.

Alternatively one could build a roadkill creature out of tire shreds and station it by the interstate. This adds the dynamism of seeing a thing by the road ahead, thinking it is one thing, then another, realizing it is something you do not understand, then passing it at speed without a chance for close inspection.

bungston, Apr 10 2010

(?) Pacific garbage patch art Installation_20Art_...tch/addnote#addnote
My inspiration: another found item art concept. [bungston, Apr 10 2010]




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