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Shredders with keys

So your important papers aren't turned into confetti by explorative 3 year-olds.
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"Look mommy, it's a snow-party!"
"That's nice, dear."
(2 weeks later)
"Honey, where's our tax folder?"

Office confetti machines are so enticing to children; let's add simple twist keys similar to computer cases for locking purposes.

RayfordSteele, Feb 09 2005

Key lock Shredder http://www.pbsoffic...trial-shredders.htm
Industrial version. Sure it's over 8 grand... but that's the price of progress. [waugsqueke, Feb 10 2005]


       "Look mommy, I've got 20 fingers on one hand!"
FarmerJohn, Feb 10 2005

       "And they're all making ketchup!"
shapu, Feb 10 2005

       'Look mummy, the flies are making babies. Between all my fingers!'
benfrost, Feb 10 2005

       Mommy, daddy got his tie stuck in the industrial shredder!
Knife Knut, Feb 11 2005

       I like the $27,000 one there, [waugs].
bristolz, Feb 11 2005


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