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Shrinking Clothes

A garment that shrinks after it's put on.
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There are some articles of clothing, wetsuits for example, that must be snug to work properly. Unfortunately, this tends to make them difficult to put on. I'd like a fabric woven out of a combination of any normal fibers, and some threads of nitinol or some similar substance. After donning a loose garment, a slight electrical charge can be passed through the wires, contracting them and making the suit fit properly.
Madcat, Feb 24 2004


       I suppose I should suggest adding that this isn't a good idea for scarves...   

       (Boa anyone?)
Madcat, Feb 24 2004

       "slight electric charge" doesn't bode well.
k_sra, Feb 24 2004

       Baked. I'm pretty sure all of my clothes are made of this. No electrical charge is apparently required.
Worldgineer, Feb 24 2004

       I wish I had not lied about my weight loss!
po, Feb 24 2004

       World mine seem to go randomly in either direction, too big, too small, never right
engineer1, Feb 25 2004

       Hmm, I'm not sure how practical this is, but I can't see why it deserves all the - votes.
RobertKidney, Feb 25 2004

       Would also have a big market in the fetishist community.
kropotkin, Feb 25 2004

       //Hmm, I'm not sure how practical this is, but I can't see why it deserves all the - votes.\\   

Madcat, Feb 25 2004

       Spandex ?
skinflaps, Feb 25 2004

       Spandex expands. This contracts, which means it's easier to put on.
Madcat, Feb 25 2004

       Wasn't this what you were supposed to do with jeans? (Wear them in the bath to get them to shrink tight.)
DrCurry, Feb 25 2004

       [picturing DrCurry bathing in jeans]
normzone, Feb 25 2004

       Wasnt that in Back to the future part 2?
Arcanus, Mar 12 2010


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