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Side-Loading Trumpet Case

This is for school band geeks everywhere.
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I don't know how many halfbakers are in or have ever been in a school band, but here's how it goes. When you get to school, you put your instrument case in a bin in the band hall/storage room. The bins are set up like lockers and sometimes have little doors and latches. Anyway, it is kept there until band period, where you take it out for class. But when class is over, you have to trudge over to the bins where at least 10 other students are trying to take out their instrument cases, put their instrument in the case, and put it back in their bin all at the same time. With my device, there would be a side door on the case that could allow you to just slide your trumpet/other instrument in while the case is still in the bin, and just close it up. You could also open the top lid and retreive your instrument that way once you get home to practice.
BinaryCookies, Aug 07 2002

gig bags http://www.wwbw.com...ig-Bag-i34455.music
[bneal27, May 07 2005]


       hands up anyone who cannot make head nor tail of this (really useful - I am sure) idea.
po, Aug 07 2002

       po: Currently, most musical instrument cases are like suitcases in that they have the hinge in the middle of a side. Consequently it is necessary to have ample space around two sides of the case (and some space around a third) to open it. The idea is to redesign the case so that it can be opened, and the contents retrieved, even when it's surrounded on five sides by other stuff.   

       The biggest difficulty I see here is that in a normal musical instrument case, the instrument is held in place by the padding on both halves. It may be difficult to design the padding so that it holds the instrument effectively and yet allows it to be easily removed and replaced. I would expect that this could be accomplished by having a mechanism which would 'grab' the instrument when the case door was closed, but it would require some mechanical trickiness to make it work well.
supercat, Aug 07 2002

       You could play piccolo.. those will fit in your locker. Perhaps create a "sabot shell" style insert that slides sideways into the case. Place the custom cut foam pieces around the instrument, and place the now square padded instrument into a tray that slides into the hard shell case.
Mr Burns, Aug 07 2002

       Don't change a thing. Many happy memories can be made while in the instrument room with band members of the opposite sex.
thumbwax, Aug 07 2002

       No trumpet players of the opposite sex...and theres a camera in the band hall now...(why???)
BinaryCookies, Aug 07 2002

       When I was a freshman retrieving my french horn, there was a junior clarinetist who *accidently* turned off the light *and* locked the door from the inside, where we spent a few minutes listening to our own pounding hearts, as well as the pounding on the door from the outside. If there was a camera in that room, they wouldn't have seen a thing - too dark. woohoo. The next year as a sophomore, I told her equally cute freshman sister "I'm going to show you something your sister showed me in this room" - somehow she knew, and locked the door herself - woohoo. Sometimes I actually miss High School.
thumbwax, Aug 08 2002

       grrrrrr;i go to an all boys school
**I sometimes wish i didnt**
andrew1, May 07 2005

       //When I was a freshman retrieving my french horn// I don't know which pun to start with....
Basepair, May 07 2005

       Have you checked out gig bags? See link.
bneal27, May 07 2005


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