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Side Opening Soda Bottle

A soda bottle with the spout on the side
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Why not make a soda bottle where the spout comes out the upper side like an orange juice carton. I have a feeling it'll be easier to pour for people and will be easier to control.
Itsmy6, Jun 21 2005

Spigot http://www.herbsand.../bottlingspigot.JPG
(Without spike and clamp for retrofitting.) [DrCurry, Jun 22 2005]

A related proper opening idea Two_20Faced_20Nut_20Job
[theircompetitor, Jun 25 2005]


       Given that they are all made out of thin plastic, why not a spigot that can be retrofitted to regular soda bottles?
DrCurry, Jun 22 2005

       or a tap at the bottom
shinobi, Jun 24 2005

       Pressure vessels require special consideration in manufacturing.
RayfordSteele, Jun 09 2015


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