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Ship in a soda bottle

plastic ships in soda bottles
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Soda manufacturers could include a ship in their soda bottles, made from recycled bottle plastic. The type of ship or something printed on it could be used for a pirate-theme contest.
prometheus, Apr 10 2004


       How do they make those ship-in-a-bottle things anyway? It's always been one of the great mysteries of life to me.....
tchaikovsky, Apr 10 2004

       the sails fold flat so that the ship can slide into the bottle. once inside the sails are pulled up by a length of string. easy when you know how!   

       a submarine would be fun, prometheus.
po, Apr 10 2004

       How bout growing fruit inside the bottle? Fit the bottle around the tree branch bud growing the chosen fruit then, when its ripe, fill it with the befitting liquid. Quality pear wine with an actual pear inside would rage with the toffee nosed. Or would it rot?
DrJake, Apr 10 2004

       Make people drink even more sugary soda, bahh. But from a marketing point of view it is a good idea.
kbecker, Apr 10 2004

       They should call the contest "your ship has come in"+
theircompetitor, Apr 10 2004

       The soda that launched a thousand ships.   

       Doesn't have quite the same ring to it.
soliloquy, Jun 22 2005


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