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Signed invention file

make inventions and screw digital signatures into them
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Later when manufacturing starts to move from factories to homes and stores the intellectual property of the design of a product will be more valuable than the product itself. Piracy of these designs will be rampant and many designers will use some form of encryption to protect themselves. This will prove futile as the manufacturing machines themselves will be "jailbroken" as it were to manufacture unDRM'd products.

I propose a universal, very flexible standard for storing CAD, description, materials required, MSDS, energy requirements, sizes, (important part here) the inventor who should get credit, and so forth in a way that can be read by anyone but not separated from the digital signature without destroying the file. That way when piracy happens at least the original inventor will get credit and hopefully enough fame to sell more inventions.

DRM: Digital Rights Management: encryption of information so that the maker can control said information even after it's been sold or licensed out.

MSDS: Material Safety Data Sheet. Instructions for the safe storage and use of a material.

jailbreaking: A procedure now used on iphones to make them work with networks and programs not approved by Apple.

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Voice, Oct 13 2010


       Isn't this the same as a Registered Design (much cheaper than patents, though still powerful)
Dub, Oct 14 2010

       Original post crashed my (badly designed) parser... I'm just getting back on-line!
Dub, Oct 14 2010


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