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Silent door latch

Similar to a fridge door, but for all interior doors
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Problem: Door latches are noisy, complex to manufacture and install, and require me to use too many muscles in my hand and arm twisting the doorknob (also, Kid #1 keeps opening and closing noisy conventional door latches waking kid #2).

My solution: Put a strip of fridge door magnetic material down the frame, and a metallic strip down the door. I can think of about a dozen other ways, but this seems the most simple. Of course there would be a small stationary handle of some sort to pull the door open.

If a lock is required, just install as per conventional system.

TIB, Apr 20 2008

These are Widely Baked on kitchen cabinets and closet doors http://www.nextag.c...r-catch/search-html
N.B. some of these links are for holding the door open, not closed. [DrCurry, Apr 20 2008]


       My solution: duct-tape Kid #1 to wall.
DrCurry, Apr 20 2008

       [-]I need to be aware if a door is opening on closing elsewhere in the house just in case I am on my computer and I am looking at.. err.. umm.. magic markers. Yeah.. that's it. I wouldn't want to get caught looking at sharpies online.
Jscotty, Apr 21 2008

       There are other ways to make noise only if one particulat door opens, there are even unobvious ways. Install a squeeky floorboard, I recommend, while working on a pipe.
Voice, Apr 21 2008

       [DrC]: First of all, thanks for the comment. This idea seemed so boring, I'm surprised anyone took the time to read past the title.   

       Just to let you know, I have considered the duct-tape option on multiple occasions, also vacuum packaging, a sound-proof cell, and blowgun tranquilizer-darts. The problem is, nobody seems to understand - they all think I'm the one who should be locked up ;)   

       As for the magnets, all I could find were the hard-contact type, which would defeat my idea of making the door silent. A fridge-door strip wouldn't be perfectly silent, granted, but with its shock-absorption and plasticity, it should be rather quiet.   

       [Jscotty]: I ask you to please reconsider your fish-boner. Although this idea would not suit your exact purposes, I think it stands erect as a solid solution to problems some may have.
TIB, Apr 21 2008

       How about fastening some electromagnetic coils around the flat edges of the door and screwing magnetic strips on the jambs parallel the coils? The rest that you need is an ultracapacitor, an electromagnetic latch, and a trigger switch to release the stored energy from the capacitor to engage the latch at the right position. The notch have to be lined with soft rubber.   

       Need further clarification?
rotary, Apr 21 2008

       Fridge door style magnetic strips are widely available in self-stick format - I used them to Bake an air conditioner silencer (essentially a thick foam mat that sits on the ac, absorbing the drips from rain and other acs overhead soundlessly) (only to find out someone else had beaten me to the market with just that product).
DrCurry, Apr 21 2008

       // duct-tape Kid #1 to wall //   

       A staple gun or a nail gun is quicker and does a neater job.   

       // they all think I'm the one who should be locked up //   

       They are so wrong .... they said that to us...... don't listen to them ...... you can only trust the voices in your head.......   

       How about a low-strength hydraulic door closer ?
8th of 7, Apr 21 2008

       How about a simple push or pull latch handle with no rotation required.   

       If you require the door to be normally closed then another option are hinges that raise the door slightly as it's opened, with a detente at the top: the door always swings shut.
FlyingToaster, Apr 21 2008

       //another option are hinges that raise the door slightly as it's opened// Technically known as "rising butt" hinges, and why not?
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 21 2008

       hey, i like that rising butt thing.. it would seem to be the answer to my problem, but more importantly, i like the term 'rising butt'.   

       waddaya think of that one [Jscotty]?
TIB, Apr 22 2008

       //A staple gun or a nail gun is quicker and does a neater job. //   

       I disagree. Too much blood.   

       I love pocket doors. No slamming.
Noexit, Apr 22 2008

       // Too much blood //   

       Naaaah ..... just make sure that the first nail goes into the brain stem. Metabolic functions shut down pretty fast after that, and there's almost no haemorrage when you tack the little buggers up by their ankles "pour encorager les autres". You're doing it wrong.
8th of 7, Apr 22 2008

       Why does a latch makes the door silent?   

       ...because it is a device for keeping doors shut up...
rotary, Apr 26 2008


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