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Silly String Mantrap

Keep them in one place!
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I propose a mantrap security feature that would utilize a material almost identical to silly string with the exception of the fact that it would be based on a spider silk type of material. This sticky stringy fiber would discharge through a series of nozzles when an alarm is triggered ,entangling the perpetrators hopelessly and thus immobilizing them through nonviolent safe means.

An example system could be installed at a bank, in the event of a robbery a silent alarm also arms the mantrap, when the perpetrator attempts to leave a small RFID transceiver placed in the stolen cash would trigger the trap as they attempt to leave the building. In doing so preserving the criminal in possession of any weapons and stolen property and preventing violent action by them as well until police arrive.

jhomrighaus, Dec 13 2007

Technovelgy: Stephenson's "Loogie Gun" http://www.technove...ontent.asp?Bnum=119
[jutta, Dec 13 2007]

Sticky foam at Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sticky_foam
"The Marine Corps reportedly successfully used the sticky foam guns as part of the operation in Somalia." [phoenix, Dec 13 2007]

Thank you, [jutta] Reading_20List
[normzone, Dec 14 2007]

Where those recommendations *really* should go. Book_20recommendations
Oops. [jutta, Dec 15 2007]


       Baked, the US Marine Corps have been experimenting with low-lethality weapons based on sticky foams for at least the last 15 years.
8th of 7, Dec 13 2007

       In Neil Stephenson's Snow Crash, he describes something like this as a gun. That book really should be required reading before entering this website.
jutta, Dec 13 2007

       //That book really should be required reading before entering this website.//   

       I'm Amazon-ing it right now. Why have I never read it? I don't know. Possibly my geek credentials should be revoked?
Noexit, Dec 13 2007

       The link covers some of why I am proposing a silly string approach, the risk of suffocation is much reduced and targeting is far less critical.
jhomrighaus, Dec 13 2007

       Peter Parker perplexed a pack of pernicious perpetrators.
4whom, Dec 13 2007

       [jutta], I love your taste in books. It's probably too much to ask for a "must read before posting" list.   

       Are you going to keep dropping names one-by-one or can you post a library inventory someplace? I guess it's only fair that perhaps I add some authors/texts to my page.
normzone, Dec 14 2007

       Mhh, flattery! I've posted a "Reading List" idea in Halfbakery: Alternative Forms: Literary, for everybody to annotate with books that they find particularly halfbakerish.
jutta, Dec 14 2007


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