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Self jumping ball robot

Robot ball that gets over obstacles
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Watching a ball robot (see link) got me thinking of a self- jumping ball robot. Starts bouncing, adding energy into each jump perfectly timed, and then can send itself to hit a wall and push at it parkour style to reach even higher.
pashute, Mar 11 2017

Security Ball-Robot https://go.indiegog...trepreneur_02222017
[pashute, Mar 11 2017]

Parkour https://www.youtube...watch?v=LvikY_T8XpQ
Hebrew: Le Parkour ze metumtam - The parkour is stupid... [pashute, Mar 11 2017]

Bounce..bounce...bounce Self_20bouncing_20ball
[Ling, Mar 12 2017]

Spherical Battlebot Spherical_20Battlebot
Also can self-jump, although it isn't intended to jump resonantly/increasingly-higher. [Vernon, Mar 12 2017]


       I'm just trying to work out if a self-jumping ball violates any laws of physics, but I don't think it does.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 11 2017

       Somehow, I'm not sure how, an anno by Ling has been deleted (by me?). Ling, Could you return it? jutta, if this is true, perhaps you can add a "Are you sure" to the [delete] action?   

       It's not a self-jumping ball, but rather a self-jumping ball- robot. Inside the ball, mechanical (Ling's link) or pneumatic (Vernon's) actions take place according to the computerized controller (mine).
pashute, Mar 12 2017

       I can't return it... but it went something like this:   

       I had a similar idea, except I explained the mechanism as well, which works at any angle of rotation. See link.
Ling, Mar 12 2017

       Nice link regarding Parkour, [pashute]. By the way, Parkour is one of the many things that I thought I invented (circa 1973), only to learn that other people were doing it as well.
normzone, Mar 12 2017


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