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Better than Sim-Mudwrestling...
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You get to play any politician (existing or imaginary) in any country in the world. Your ultimate goal is personal fame, personal wealth, self-indulgence and self-gratification.

Earn points for Corruption and Incompetence.

Special bonus points for: hoodwinking the media, surviving coup attempts, surviving assassinations, delivering speeches without stuttering and successful relationships with interns.

baboo, Apr 02 2002


       Now the thing here is, any great british politician would get zero points. Churchill, Lloyd-George, Pitt Mark 1 & 2 all get 0 points. On the plus side, Saddam's a good choice.
[ sctld ], Apr 02 2002

       I'll disagree there.... Churchill would get at least one or two points.   

       Now, New Zealand politicians - don't get no cleaner than them...
pftqg, Apr 02 2002

       How can being a good speaker and being a sexual predator both be considered point makers?   

       One seems to be a good asset, the other, a bad characteristic.   

       Shouldn't one be positive and the other negative? At least be consistant.
lumpy, Apr 02 2002


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