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Sim dinner party

A virtual social ladder
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A game in which players compete to be the best host in a simulated city - a sim city, if you will.
The player can take one of two roles - a host or a guest. There will be varying levels of class - from slum parties with old pizzas and half-empty cans of beer to the candlelit dinners of the social elite in the mansions in the hills.

When playing as the host, the player can decide upon which foods to offer, the theme for the party, bring in appropriate famous chefs and/or caterers, etc. In this part of the game, the aim is to please the guests and climb the social ladder to become the most respected host in the 'sim city'.

When playing as the guest, the player can express opinions of foods, surroundings, company etc. Guests can then ruin a host's reputation or make them a social god via options such as reviews in local papers, recommendations to snooty friends, and such and such.

Multiplayer games allow guests and hosts to interact, and to start real-life dinenr conversations. Hilarity can ensue when the local aristocracy are gatecrashed by the downtown yobbos. Other players can apply to be a joint host of a party, which can lead to advancement of both players' careers or a disagreement leading to a brawl and swift departure of guests.

Parvenu, Dec 15 2002


       Well, if people will pay for "Deer Hunter", why not this?   

       You can have Wolfgang Puck and Martha Stewart expansion packs!   

       Will there be random "disasters", like in Sim City? Food poisoning, kitchen fire, misbehaving pets...
redshift9, Dec 15 2002

       It could be a new favourite with the amateur coders - mods could pop up everywhere. So, to answer your question, yes - those things would all be possible. You could also get into a fight with your irate Greek chef.
Parvenu, Dec 16 2002

       This idea sounds like it could be played as a subset of another game like Sim City.   

       Maybe there could one giant Sim game where events at one level of granularity are influenced by the outcome of the actions of players in the other levels. The events in Sim Household are affected by people playing Sim Goldfish Bowl or Sim Pets or Sim TV Station.   

       I suppose the practicality and level of fun might break down as the granularity approached the level of Sim Water Molecule, Sim Oxygen Atom or Sim Quark.   

       (Maybe this is how it works already. I don't play many computer games.)
half, Dec 16 2002

       I was thinking along the lines of one grand unified Sim game. Not that everyone that played it would be "god". But, that there would be many interdependent levels of granularity. Plug in at the level that most suits you. Mayor of Sim City, mother of Sim Household, pastor of Sim Church, etc. The key issue being that the levels interact. I envision it being an internet thing.   

       Of course you would have the potential problem of someone playing a malevolent Sim god and smiting the whole mess.
half, Dec 16 2002

       The Sims lived down the street from me for a number of years, had a few good dinners there myself. Odd thing, the only child was rather fond of simulation games.
RayfordSteele, Dec 16 2002

       Was it a male child? (The... Sim..sons).
egbert, Dec 17 2002


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