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Single digit speed limits

Misc. services for drivers and passengers of slow moving vehicles
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Roadways one to a few blocks long with speed limits in the single digits. These would be unlike most streets which are either driver left car right or driver right car left, they would be driver left car left or driver right car right. Outside the traffic lane is a service lane for people on foot who might be selling stuff, taking donations for stuff, writing speeding tickets, etc. Blocks surrounded on all sides by SDSL roadways would be especially attractive places for large public buildings that get many but short visits. Whoever's giving you a ride to the place can cruise around the block with the window closed for the few minutes (we hope) you are in there. The first floor of the building would be a good location for pizzerias.
LoriZ, Jun 27 2001

Dissolving the grid http://www.rutleyve...og/?p=15#comment-33
Ryan advocates >20 km/h reserved for movement -between- rather than -within- neighborhoods. [LoriZ, Sep 28 2008]

3mph http://daviswiki.org/Hibbert_Lumber
[swimswim, Jul 22 2013]

An interesting tweet https://twitter.com.../831547658032599040
Why not limit driverless cars to 3 miles per hour? [LoriZ, Feb 14 2017]

Another interesting tweet https://twitter.com...1495067174456549383
Jake VanderPlas suggests, instead of speed limits, momentum limits. [LoriZ, Feb 20 2022]

DIY approach https://kolektiva.s.../108256806229138240
carrying a big Sharpie or can of black spray paint, for putting decimals on speed limit signs [LoriZ, May 06 2022]


       Single word speed limits:   

Call Guinness (wait, that's two words)
mrkillboy, Jun 27 2001

       Actually, quite a lot of camp sites and theme parks have signs saying "Speed limit 5mph", although anyone who has actually tried to drive that slow will find its virtually impossible without slipping the clutch.
gravelpit, Jun 27 2001

       For heavens sake. Why not get out and walk?
Lemon, Jun 27 2001

       Yeah, what downtown cores really need, is to encourage people to drive there. Think how convenient and simple it would be if EVERYONE drove their car, to get even the simplest chores done.   

       I especially like the idea of having people endlessly idle their cars around the block instead of parking. Mmm. Take a nice deep breath everyone!   

       Anyone that's worried about space can relax -- since everyone will drive, we can just get rid of all that sidewalk to make space for another lane.
TickleMeElmo, Jun 27 2001

       wouldnt this would cause more air pollution, something to do with the efficiency of lower gears, this would hardly be an ideal place for people "taking donations and stuff"
dekoi, Jun 27 2001

       most cars' speedometers are not accurate below 10mph
Noldoaran, Dec 21 2004

       It stupifies me that anyone would consider this a good idea.
hidden truths, Jul 14 2005

       My truck will comfortably idle at 15-20 mph. Granted, that's in fifth. MPG at that speed should be pretty impressive. Why would I want to try to conduct any sort of transaction while also driving? If using a cell phone while driving is illegal - and it should be - then this is way worse.
elhigh, Jul 14 2005

       [LoriZ], where to start...
wagster, Jul 14 2005

       From which direction would you drive in for your pizza?I was taking this very seriously at first, but its a very silly idea. The only good would be if everyone pushed their cars to the conveniently located area near the pizzeria and saved fuel and gym subscriptions.
Prolixed, Jul 15 2005

       In Rehovot near the Weizmann Institute of Science they built a new freeway pass around the city, and put up signs: 15 km/h limit. In some places it said 8 km/h.   

       They set up cameras. Wow did they make money that year! I think it paid for the police budget and road construction for the entire country. I participated in this campaign and contributed my money as well.
pashute, Jul 25 2013

       That's very public spirited of you...did they have a voluntary donation system as well?
Ling, Jul 25 2013

       Obviously if the definition of "mile" was extended to being 52,800 feet then all the speed limits would be in single digits?   

       And people could say "it's a small world" with some accuracy.   

       Not sure what this do to the gravity, though.
not_morrison_rm, Jul 26 2013

       With the small modification of drivers simply turning off their engines and pulling the vehicles with harnesses, this can become a workable idea.
nineteenthly, Jul 26 2013


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