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Adopt automated car wash technology to fast food
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Whether or not you agree with those who believe vehicle exhaust contributes to global warming, you must admit that motor fuel can be expensive. On the occasions that I use a drive-through, I feel like I'm wasting money running my motor but not really going anywhere.

Hey, wasn't this problem solved by automated car washes years ago? If you've never seen one, they have a chain-drive system on the floor between the wheels of the car. Hooks attached to the chain pull empty cars through the wash at a constant rate.

Put a similar system in the lane leading into the drive through at a restaurant or other business. When you drive up, an automated hook attaches to the tow hook under your front bumper. You shift into neutral and shut off your engine. When you receive your food, you restart your car and the cashier presses a button to retract the hook.

Everyone saves gas, and the line automatically proceeds at an optimum pace.

krelnik, Jul 12 2004


       Why not actually wash the car at the same time? "I'll take the #3 combo, that's the cheeseburger with fries, a medium drink, and wax."
5th Earth, Jul 12 2004

       I've seen wackier combinations in real life, certainly. There used to be a combination dry cleaner and video store in my town.
krelnik, Jul 13 2004

       There used to be a place called Suds 'n Suds, which was a combination bar and laundromat.   

       As for this idea, seems like something that should exist. +
Worldgineer, Jul 13 2004

       The motor that tows the cars would itself contibute to polution.
0xdeadc0de, Jul 13 2004

       Did I mention the tow motor is electric? Oh, and this restaurant is in Canada, where 60% of the electricity comes from hydroelectric sources. <grin>
krelnik, Jul 13 2004

       The problem is that in the UK the dullards will not have got your order ready by the time that you are dragged through. You are spoilt by the notion of 'fast food' in your neck of the woods, [krelnik].
gnomethang, Jul 13 2004

       Gnomethang- What!? You don't actually want "fast food" do you?
gootyam, Jul 13 2004

       [gt] I assume it would have a variable speed motor, which UKians would have permanently dialed down to "molasses".
Worldgineer, Jul 13 2004

       "Yes, your burger will be ready in an hour, dearie."   

       "#$%!!@# @$&& ^%%$"   

       "What did yer say, luv?"   

       "Why does the sign say 'FAST FOOD'?"   

       "Oh, that's just the name of the shop, dear."
phlogiston, Jul 13 2004

       Fast food- Food to eat while fasting?
gootyam, Jul 13 2004

       That's that sorted then [world]. Thanks. [gootyam] - I certainly don't want it myself but unfortunately must sometimes step in under the golden arches when there is nothing else open (e.g. City of London on a Sunday).
gnomethang, Jul 14 2004

       I'd rather starve. Ditto for KFC.
angel, Jul 14 2004

       "I'll have a chip box, please."
"You mean a box of chips?"
"No, just the box, thanks."
Detly, Jul 14 2004

       gnomethang - City of London on a Sunday - is not the Real Cornish Pasty place at London Bridge open then? That's proper fast food - it's fast (it's already ready) and it's real food (real steak and vegetables) rather than a plastic bun wrapped around mechanically recovered meat.
goff, Jul 14 2004

       Cheers [goff] - I'll check it out when I'm close. Usually though it is a 'nipout at lunchtime' problem though. Mercifully I do not do many weekends anymore so can usually eat somewhere proper.
gnomethang, Jul 14 2004


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