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Sink Water

A plumbing pipe that takes excess water from sinks to water the garden
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(+6, -7)
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On the one hand: 1.1 Obviously, this would allow two uses for the water you use. 1.2 This is a good idea, but it is mainly important in the west were they have water problems.

On the other hand: 2. This would be bad for the environment because chemicals will be released to the environment without being treated.

Most probable interest of those who agree: 3.1 Change 3.2 Stopping the waist of water 3.3 Becoming independent from "the grid" of public water treatment.

Most probable interest of those who disagree: 4.1 Practicality 4.2 Preventing un-controlled release of chemicals into the top soil. 4.3 Understanding of the need for a good environment.

Opposing principles: 5.1 Trust in the individual to be responsible by not dumping harmful chemicals onto the lawn.

Common interest: 6.1 Improving the environment 6.2 Saving water 6.3 Efficient use of recourses

Apposing interest: 7.1 Change

myclob, Apr 01 2005

4.4 Baked. http://www.graywater.net/
[bungston, Apr 05 2005]


       I've thought about the same idea for bath water. Seems a shame to dump all of that perfectly good water down the drain during a drought, with my grass turning brown. Seems any soap could be pH-neutralized, then dumped onto the lawn with very little extra piping or effort.
Worldgineer, Apr 01 2005

       Bakedness: partial
Utility: fair
Aesthetic appeal of a pluming pipe: high
Bun: under consideration.

Basepair, Apr 01 2005

       I like reason to agree number 2 best - "This is a good idea"   

       I guess appose = oppose.   

       Also, many places in Canada and the US use the dilutionary method to dispose of household liquid waste. I wouldn't worry too much about using it to throw on the lawn.   

       In fact, if you were forced to dump your sink water on your lawn, you might adopt more enviro-friendly shopping/detergent habits. [+]
zen_tom, Apr 01 2005

       Bakedness: partial (5?) Utility: fair (7?) Aesthetic appeal of a pluming pipe: high (8?) Maybe something like a fountain would be cool. Bun: under consideration (basically the same as bakedness?) (5?)
myclob, Apr 01 2005

       bangs head on wall (10)
po, Apr 01 2005

       surely this is an april fools joke
benfrost, Apr 01 2005

       I disagree with point 1.   

       Clearly you need a better numbering scheme. Consider:
1.1, 1.2
Worldgineer, Apr 01 2005

       Here, try my graywater tomatoes, no, you first.
mensmaximus, Apr 01 2005

       my cat will only drink out of our grey water sink. it is quite a strange thing and has only happened in the last few weeks, despite varied attempts at extra water bowls near his food. he is also hiding in the shower.
benfrost, Apr 02 2005

       one of my cats regularly licks at a bar of soap - not too fussy which flavour either.
po, Apr 02 2005

       Does water have a waist and is a pluming pipe something to do with plumage?   

       If so then I'm all for it.
DenholmRicshaw, Apr 02 2005

       perhaps a pluming pipe is a special fitting for ornate fountains, to throw the air high in the air like the plumage of a delightful bird.
benfrost, Apr 03 2005

       I read this twice as skin water.   

       //in the west were we they have water problems// ?
TolpuddleSartre, Apr 03 2005

       The wild west. Where we/they ride on horses and chase us/them lawbreakers around them/their/there/thar hills.
zen_tom, Apr 03 2005

       (zen_tom) laughed so hard water squirted out of my, their, there, our, eyes! Wish you could get a bun!
37PiecesOf Flair, Apr 04 2005

       I hear it's tame back east. People earn degrees and people pay them for fifteen minute sessions without blinking or snickering. I'd have to see it for myself.
mensmaximus, Apr 05 2005

       "Stopping the waist of water"   

       Still there and I'm still for it.
DenholmRicshaw, Apr 05 2005

       //Maybe something like a fountain would be cool.//   

       From a university web site:
"Apply greywater directly to the soil, not through a sprinkler or any method that would allow contact with the above-ground portion of the plants."
robinism, Apr 06 2005


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