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Sir Isaac Newton Statue

What goes up...
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An iron statue of a huge apple, dangled from a small tree, the apple stem the thinnest part of the sculpture.

Displayed (maybe behind a cordon for safety) very close to the sea, the iron will eventually perish, and the apple would fall, doffing it's cap to Mr N as it inevitably tumbles.

For years it will be a talking point... is it about to fall? Will it be this year? Will it stay there forever (surely not)? Can I lay a bet on at paddypower.com? Think how lucky you'd feel if you actually saw it fall.

After the iron apple falls, it should lay there, broken on the floor, as an example to apples everywhere. Your times will come, my little green friends. Your times will come.

Fishrat, May 26 2005

Yukon River lottery http://www.cbc.ca/news/background/yukon/
You can win money if you guess the correct date and time [Klaatu, May 27 2005]

Liquid Pitch Drop http://www.physics....rop/pitchdrop.shtml
Another long-term webcam experiment [neutrinos_shadow, May 12 2006]

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       Nice +
energy guy, May 26 2005

       all that's missing is the odor of vinegar, wafting in the fall breezes, after the apples have fallen and begun to rot. hehe +
dentworth, May 26 2005

       Nice idea fishy. Could you rig up a trigger to take a snapshot when it actually hits his nogging?. Failing that you could be boring and just set up a live webcam - you could watch it for hours (ooh! - the anticipation!)
<Off Topic> Both [po] and myself thought to see if you wanted a Multiply invite (we actually thought of it within hours of each other). Anyway, I Emailed you but it bounced back. Drop me a line if you wanna have a look.</OT>
gnomethang, May 26 2005

       I would only watch it when the wind is blowing.
Ling, May 26 2005

       Giant metal apple you say? Can we build the gift shop directly underneath it? [+]
DocBrown, May 26 2005

       hey, gnome - he's already there!
po, May 26 2005

TolpuddleSartre, May 26 2005

       Sponsored by Rustoleum.
krelnik, May 26 2005

       Or you could just follow Boulee's idea for a cenotaph for Newton
10clock, May 27 2005

       Next, the Sword of Damocles tree.
ldischler, May 27 2005

       Perfection! Bun [+]   

       You could fund it with a lottery akin to the Yukon River ice break-up <link>
Klaatu, May 27 2005

       //Sponsored by Rustoleum// Gravity. It does exactly what it says on the tin.
Fishrat, May 28 2005

       Why not just leave the saftey cordone out of the equation, and allow people to have themselves photographed under the apple for kicks, and if it falls...
froglet, May 28 2005

       I recall reading something about him actually dropping a beaker, but using the apple story to avoid awkward questions about alchemy in a time when such a thing was frowned upon. With torches. Or possibly I imagined it. I like minty things.
Detly, May 28 2005

       I like [Detly]s story. Kind of ironic, hehe.
finrod, May 28 2005

       You mean like //very close to the sea// ?
Jinbish, May 11 2006

       Ooo nice. [+]
kuupuuluu, May 11 2006

       I remember a news article about a modern art exhibit. The exhibit was a revolver, pointed towards the viewer, and linked to a randomiser of some sort so that it would fire its one bullet at a random moment in the next ten years. The article said that it attracted a large number of viewers. It went off (I think) six months later, nearly hitting a cleaner.
imaginality, May 11 2006

       it would probably fall during a rainstorm or something, when no one's there to see it, and then the next morning there's just a smushed cabin underneath it and we go oh yeah the apple fell.
phundug, May 11 2006

       [Ian]: Did you just do what I think you just did? One year ago?   

       This is a great idea, made better by your thinly-veiled hatred for apples.   

       I might actually bake this, if I were a metalworker or a sculptor.
shapu, May 11 2006

       [gnomethang] //just set up a live webcam//
On a similar note (webcams watching slow things in case they change), there is a webcam watching a funnel of liquid pitch (form of carbon) drip into a dish.
Liquid pitch has a rediculously high viscosity - the experiment has been going since 1930, and the 8th drip has only recently fallen (of course, the webcam was down the day it happened).
See link if you're interested...
neutrinos_shadow, May 12 2006

       [Jinbish] unmmm, yes. That Fishrat has thought of everything!
simonj, May 12 2006


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