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Sirling-Powered Car Mini Cooler

On a Hot summer day, keeps your car's inside cool.
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Using a basic high efficiency stirling engine, the temperature differential on a hot summer day can power an internal ventilation system. Keeping your Car cool, compared to a non-cooled one.

The stirling would have its cold heatsink on the bottom of the car -- perpetually in the shade.

When the car cools down enough, internal rechargeable batteries will keep the fans running. When the car is running, waste heat from the engine can power the stirling engine to recharge the batteries.

The hotter it is, the more power available to the Stirling engine -- which means a cool car.

Melchior, Jun 18 2007


       The amount of heat doesn't really matter, what matters is the difference in temperature between the heat source and the 'cool' source.   

       It might work, and if it does it would really help to stop things from melting when it would otherwise get up to around 150 degrees Fahrenheit in a vehicle.
BJS, Jun 18 2007


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