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Sitcom doorbell

Can't think of anything for this space.
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Basically an electric door bell wich when pushed sounds like a normal one, after the doorbell has sounded a swich in the door frame is activated that will set off one of a number of random sitcom noises, a laugh track, clapping, cheering and wolf whistles or booing and jeering when the door is opened. As an extra high tech feature you could set the door bell button so it recognises finger prints and you can have a different track to suit the people visiting you.
Gulherme, Oct 06 2003

The "Who is it, honey?" doorbell http://www.halfbake...ey_3f_22_20doorbell
[phoenix, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       This is a bit different to the "who is it honey" doorbell.
Gulherme, Oct 07 2003

       I agree, and I like it. "Honey, I'm home!" <roar of crowd>
krelnik, Oct 07 2003

       <"Cheers" clientele> Norm!
<the live studio audience applauds>

       Nice one +
Jinbish, Oct 07 2003

       Just as long as you can turn the feature off as well. It be a good laugh a couple of times.
Aluxe, Oct 07 2003

       Set it to manoeuvre the ottoman for maximum trip-hazard potential, Dick Van Dyke-style.
friendlyfire, Oct 07 2003

       Sounds to me like you ripped this idea off someone who was stoned and babbling shit. I trust he'll get royalties for this
Mind_Boggle, Oct 07 2003

       If it played the end titles music when you came through the door you'd know that 'your' character had just apparantly come back from the dead
hippo, Oct 08 2003

       //stoned and babbling shit//   

       Is that a new product idea? Like a turd fountain?
k_sra, Oct 08 2003

bristolz, Oct 08 2003

       I was under the impression that all half baked ideas originated from someone stoned and babbling shit. Or drunk. Or severly oxygen deprived. Or conveniently insane. Or inconveniently stupid.
Overpanic, Nov 01 2003

       well, whoever this stoned and babbling shit guy is, I for one feels that he should be getting money for this....say about 60% of total profits....I think that should be good enough for whoever this mysterious character is
Mind_Boggle, Nov 02 2003


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