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Ski Rack for your Motorcycle

Because getting there should be fun too.
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The best ski resorts are located at the top of mountains. The most fun vehicle for negotiating tight mountain roads is a motorcycle. The motorcycle mounted ski rack will allow you to enjoy the ride to and from the mountain as much as you enjoy the day on the mountain. Why putt-putt up the hill in your oversized SUV when you can zip along, dragging your knees and generally having the time of your life?

Our patented system holds one ski and pole on each side of the bike, behind the front wheel, extending a bit past the back wheel at a slight upward angle, above the exhaust pipe. Our sub-frame mounted rack holds your boots and other miscellaneous items.

Disclaimer- not recomended for the first day after it snows.

ato_de, Mar 12 2004


       First day? Places I ski at always have snow at least in the parking lot. Even a little bit of snow is a bad thing*. This being said, I've bunned the idea assuming you will find alternate means of transportation once you hit snow.   

       *"a bad thing" is a trademark of the Martha Stewart Living In Prison corporation.
Worldgineer, Mar 12 2004

       My father has a trailer he tows behind his motorcycle that fits two mountain bikes, so he can for a ride get there, go on a ride, then ride home. I dont know anyone who like to ride in the cold nor would it be safe to ride after to much skiing.
krod, Mar 12 2004

       //The most fun vehicle for negotiating tight mountain roads is a motorcycle//   

       Somehow I doubt this is true when the roads are wet and icy, as is often the case in the vicinity of ski-able areas.
Freefall, Mar 12 2004

gs500, Jan 04 2005

       I used to have a spear gun rack on my motorcycle. Did get me a few looks.
normzone, Jan 04 2005

       I have succefully carried my windsurf board on my bike, and have (disaster!) tried to carry my hang glider. It's a lot of fun to drive a bike over ice. Very tricky. Why not use the skis, side by side on the bike, to slide on the snow? (how, that's a snowmobile!).
clementedelacuadra, Jan 05 2005

       [clementedelacuadra] created an account on January 4th 2005, subsequently annoed on five other ideas, and then disappeared.   

       Which is really not that surprising given that the Spanish Wikipedia says that Clemente De Lacuadra was a businessman who died in 1873.
normzone, May 06 2014

       Clemente and I corresponded for a while, and I still get the occasional mass email. He says in one of them that he was named after his great grandfather, and I recall hearing that his family has a castle in Spain. After much email correspondence I not only believe he's real, but that he's really interesting.   

       Then again, I corresponded with Pluterday for a while too. I believe I still have her enjoyable, though outlandish, book.
Worldgineer, May 10 2014

       //Disclaimer- not recomended for the first day after it snows.   

       Well, just need a motorbike rack for the skis, so one way or another at least you'll get the snow-ploughed bit..
not_morrison_rm, May 10 2014

       Well, google images pulled up a few, but they all looked pretty half-assed.   

       Why not one ski on each side of the rear wheel, straight up in the air ?
FlyingToaster, May 10 2014


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