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Skull Sling

Portable lightweight sling for your head. (Not a cranium-flinging weapon of remote cannibal tribes*).
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I was in an overnight shuttle bus heading West through Guatemala not so long ago. The local buses are small mini-vans, each seat notably without a head rest. All very well on short journeys, but for this particular one - 9 hours through the night - it was uncomfortable to the point of madness. Thankfully, I was cheered by a Californian girl sat next to me who found everything about the situation inexplicably hilarious.

I tried a few things. I tried shifting my body forward to bring my shoulders into closer proximity to the top of my seat, but alas the seats in front crippled my legs by cutting the blood from reaching my feet, or indeed returning.

California offered her lap as a potential place to rest my head, but her sitting next to me meant my spine was forced into an interesting pretzel formation that would have caused paralysis had we hit a pot-hole in the road.

I ended up piling a vast assortment of objects on to my knees in order to form a plinth upon which to rest my face. This was merely uncomfortable, and rocked and shuddered at every turn in the winding dirt-track roads.

No. I needed a Head Hammock; an idea California giggled at for some time as I described it, but I had genuinely considered halfmarketable, if you take my meaning.

Simply, a tiny adjustable hammock within which one can rest one's head. It can be affixed to the vehicle in question using sucker pads to the roof, or hooked on to handles above. Perhaps a Velcro attachment could be employed. Ensure head lies back into it - if leaning forward into it, a crash may lead to painful decapitation. Always read the label!

Presumably this could be used in all manner of places, like in bed when you want to read a book but can't quite get your head elevated to that perfect position with but one pillow at your disposal. Or, indeed, anywhere where holding up your head with both hands while relaxing in the sun inevitably reduces your ability to drink a beer at the same time.

These are my troubles, for which I am grateful, but wish to overcome nevertheless.


* Presumably you could also use it hurl skulls long distances.

theleopard, May 16 2011

Really good idea. http://www.sz-whole...-Head-Hammock_1.htm
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, May 16 2011]

(?) Head Hammock Traveller http://www.headhammocktraveler.com/
Blindfolded death by neck breaking collision [theleopard, May 16 2011]

Baked! http://uk.businessi...ter-campaign-2016-8
I'm expecting the royalties check in the post. [theleopard, Aug 26 2016]

Inflatable collar travel vest Inflatable_20collar_20travel_20vest
Similar, but for aircraft use. [8th of 7, Aug 26 2016]


I've actually got one of these for when I go roughing-it.
It's called a head hammock and everything. I like your velcro attachment feature. (+)

       Seems the name has been used for a few different products, should have checked that. There's another one that attaches to a head rest [linky] that keeps your head in one place, but in case of an accident has severe neck-breaking implications...   

       This is different, but unfortunately needs a new name...
theleopard, May 16 2011

       How about the Melon-Mate or Porta-Pillow, no no wait, Cranium-Cradle?   

theleopard, May 16 2011

       That works.   

       Duly changed, unless we come up with better.
theleopard, May 16 2011

       This would come in quite handy for dreadfully long waiting periods in front of a firing squad. Bun! [+]
Grogster, May 16 2011

       Looks baked, but welcome back [theleopard] after your rest.
xenzag, May 16 2011

       Thanks [xen], nice to be back. But only the name was baked. You've got a floor-standing mini seat called a Head Hammock, and a head-rest-attaching blindfold called the Head Hammock Traveller. Mine's a sling, held from above, that you rest your head in, or throw skulls with.   

       Cheers [Grogster]!
theleopard, May 16 2011

       Tell the story again but this time musing about the idea with your head in the girl's lap, so we can all be proud of you.
rcarty, May 16 2011

       Regular long-distance travellers might want to consider having a few cervical vertebrae fused. A colleague of mine had this done (following an accident), with the result that he can hold his head upright with no effort whatsoever.   

       He says he was apprehensive about having the operation, but since then he's never looked back.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 16 2011


8th of 7, Aug 26 2016

       * gives new meaning to head butt.
wjt, Aug 27 2016


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