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Vibrating Massaging Heated Hammock

hammock that heats up and vibrates
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Vibrating Massaging Heated Hammock is exactly that which the name describes: a hammock that has heating elements, and can also deliver a general or localised massage or vibration. These actions are controlled via either a simple remote or using the bluetooth app on your mobile device.

Here's how it works:
Everything on the hammock is delivered by way of its active supporting mesh. Batteries located at both ends send the signals and energy needed to power the little motors running around the hammock's perimeter. These can cause the mesh to contract; relax; or vibrate in a series of zones. The mesh also acts as a heating element.

The effect of these variables acting together is to enable the delivery of a fully customised experience of either relaxation, healing or stimulation.

xenzag, May 31 2019


       I'll take 2. +
whatrock, May 31 2019

       This works well with a thing I thought of just a few days ago, but as per your invnetion would work well with hammocks as well:   

       Getting up does not work especially well, people are sometimes groggy, slow moving and would like to stay in bed.   

       If a massage bed (or hammock) were to activate when a sleep sensor noticed they had 15 or 20 minutes of beings asleep remaining, could give them a massage, which if they were awake would feel good and even energize them. I think this would give them a more pleasant experience on actually awakening and even give them more get up and go. This would make their day better.   

       It might even appeal to the fiscal interests of mattress companies and even cause them to be produced.
beanangel, May 31 2019

       V.M.H.H.Anonymi will cut into the share of each communities funding.
wjt, May 31 2019

       Seems to be missing the word 'banana.'
RayfordSteele, Jun 01 2019

       This could be evaluated by repurposing one or two of those heating/vibrating seat pads.   

       In fact, it's slightly surprising that it doesn't already exist, to the point where it's questionable if this is actually halfbaked; as [beanie] points out, this is a marketable product - but [+] anyway.   

       We doubt if battery power will be adequate - an external power supply via a wall wart semns a better option.   

       It would be as well if the unit eere thouroughly waterproofed for outside use.
8th of 7, Jun 01 2019

       A marketable product? Ha - For some that's a compliment, but for me it means it's not halfbaked enough. I may add a musical feature to the delux version.
xenzag, Jun 01 2019

       I sleep in a hammock as my regular bed and will say that the heated hammock idea worked brilliantly this last winter. Although I simply laid an electric blanket into the hammock, tied the ends to the frame, and then placed my sheets over it.   

       I'm not big on vibrating massages, though it does sound interesting if it's not like the knobbly chairs.
unhelpful_fool, Jun 04 2019


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